Detroit Pistons Players Sing Happy Birthday To Children At St. Jude Children’s Hospital


The Detroit Pistons may be struggling on the court this year, but they are doing some great things off the court. The team took a visit to St. Jude Children’s Hospital and visited with a patient named Lindsey. Her 14th birthday was coming up, so the team decided to sing Happy Birthday to her.

This is what makes sports so special.  These guy may be famous athletes, but they are still grounded enough to take the time to do something like this.  The visit was a nice gesture, but the singing really elevated it to the next level.  They didn’t have to sing to her, but they decided to anyways.  That is what makes something like this such a special moment.

A lot of the time, we spend all our efforts focusing on the negative side of sports.  We are too quick to tear someone down because that is how our society works these days.  It’s easier to say something negative about someone than it is to say something positive. Moments like this should be getting more attention – hopefully the press will get more stories out of when a major sports team does something special like this.

I know that a lot of teams do this, and I think that every instance should get a bit of publicity.  They may consider it a simple good deed, but imagine how happy that patient is.  It may be a quick song, but the memory of this moment is probably going to last a lifetime for her.

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