Dirk Nowitzki Hassles Sacramento Kings Security Guard

By Renae Juska

I’ve never really paid attention to the fact that security guards are on the floor when referees review a play on the courtside monitors. However a security guard for the Sacramento Kings definitely takes his job seriously when it comes to video reviews.

Last Thursday, the Kings were taking on the Dallas Mavericks when the referees were called to the table to review a play with only 36 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Dirk Nowitzki from the Mavericks decided to take a look around to see if he could view the monitor but this security guard was not letting him get any closer.


I’m not saying this is the funniest video alive but you have to admit that it is pretty comical. Especially when Nowitzki decides to have fun with the guard and tries to get him to do a double take.

I’d also have to admit the comment “This is the best defense Sacramento has played” is pretty clever, and quite hilarious. I’d just be interested to know if the security guard purposely takes his job that seriously or if he also likes to play around with the players. If you think about it, the more attention he gets from the players, the better his odds are at making an on-screen appearance.

Let’s be honest though, he wasn’t exactly a big, buff security guard. If Nowitzki wanted to view the monitor that bad, he could have taken down the security guard in about two seconds.

The Mavericks ended up winning 117-112 in overtime so the call didn’t quite determine the game, but it did prove that players could have a little fun on the court without being a complete jerk.

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