Metta World Peace Kisses Fan After Lucky Play

By Riley Schmitt

Metta World Peace may be a bit goofy but he always ends up entertaining fans. On Sunday, the Los Angeles Lakers forward had a fast break dunk that somehow bounced up in the air and still went down. To celebrate this lucky occurrence, World Peace went into the fans by the baseline and kissed one on the hand.

It is a bit strange but it is certainly funny.  He seems to have a habit of doing this and I don’t think that it ends up bothering a lot of people.  It may seem strange to do but that’s just Metta being Metta.  If you want to appreciate what he can do on the court, you kind of have to accept what he is going to do with fans and what not.

The Lakers managed to pick up a win, which has been somewhat of a rare thing this year.  The team is still struggling and there is a real chance that they end up missing out on the playoffs.  I doubt that happens, but they need to play some good basketball over the next few months to avoid that.  They have the talent, but nothing has seemed to click so far.

They are going to need Metta to keep doing Metta things.  If he can play some good defense and knock down those wide open corner threes, the Lakers add another dimension to the offense.  If he can inspire the others to play some defense, this team might just sneak in after all.  You know no one would want to face this roster in the first round.

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