Nate Robinson Continues Feud With Steve Novak


The most useless feud in pro sports might be the one between Nate Robinson and Steve Novak. It started last week when Robinson taunted Novak by doing the discount double check. Novak was mad and took a shot at Nate Rob in an interview after the game. Robinson responded on Twitter and then again on Monday night.

See, this is so stupid but it is entertaining.  First off, Aaron Rodgers started the belt.  Only he should be able to do the thing. Anyone else is just ripping him off.  However, this mini mess has been one of the more entertaining stories in sports this year.  Novak and Robinson are just bit players, so they have found a way to get some headlines.

I wonder how Novak will respond to this.   I know that he was not happy with Robinson after Friday.  Robinson responded in kind and with this response, he is showing that he is just having some fun.  That tends to be what Nate does.  He does not take himself too seriously and he is just trying to have some fun.  If Novak was really offended by it, he has some deeper issues to deal with.

These two guys will only play each other one more time this year but we can hope they try to keep this feud going.  If they end up getting in each other’s face, that will be the end of it.  I don’t think the internet community could deal with the awkwardness of those two staring each other down.

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