Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy Appear in Hilarious First Nike Ad Together

By David LaRose
Courtesy- YouTube

Rory McIlroy is the world’s new number-one golfer, and he’s already reaping the rewards.

McIlroy has signed with Nike Golf to become their newest member, and most likely their face of the future. He joins longtime face of the company, Tiger Woods, as part of the Nike sponsorship, and it’s just another step along the successful career path for McIlroy. The two golfers have a rivalry, so Nike decided to put the two in their first advertisement together – and what they got out of it was pure gold.

Check out the video:


The two golfers are considered two of the best in the world, and this video portrays their personalities perfectly. Tiger Woods with his stoic, dry humor and McIlroy with his youthful charm. Nike has to be happy having these two under their sponsorship, and it sets up the opportunity for plenty of more advertisements just like this one.

I can almost compare this ad to Nike’s previous advertisement with two of the best players in their respective game, Kobe Bryant and Lebron James. Although those ads were puppets (MVP puppets), they still were pretty funny and captured the two player’s personalities even without using their actual persons.

Here’s just an example of one of the better MVP puppet ads:


Kudos to Nike for getting the two guys together to create this pretty funny ad. Even though the two have a rivalry on the golf course, it seems that they get along pretty well off the course.

Tiger may have fallen off a bit as the world’s best player, but maybe seeing that McIlroy is somewhat following in his footsteps may light a fire under him, and spark him on another Major’s winning streak.


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