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WWE Rumors: Eve Torres Leaving The Company?

Bleacher Report

Eve Torres has been on top of the WWE Divas division for a while now, but it appears that time will be over. There are rumors floating around that the she will leave the company after Monday Night Raw. Although that is not a good thing, I can see why she is doing it.

She is recently engaged to Rener Gracie, who just so happens to be a part of the legendary Gracie family.  She probably wants to spend some time with him.  She is also big into self-defense so I can see her taking time off to teach those classes and spread her knowledge to other people.

In reality, moves like this are never shocking with divas these days.  They really don’t stick around as long as the male wrestlers.  They get offers to do things that don’t involve working almost all year and putting themselves in harm’s way.  By getting out, they can spread out into new ventures without getting slammed to a mat.

I am sure that we will see her back down the road.  She has turned into a decent wrestler and almost everyone who does leave the company shows up again at some point.  It’s almost like the mob at this point.  Once you enter the business, you can never leave.  If you don’t believe me, look at all the people who have left over the years.  If they were champions at one point, you will see them again.

We will see if this comes to fruition on Monday night.