Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Injures Himself Before Trying To Perform Ray Lewis Dance

By Riley Schmitt
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

During the postseason, a lot of mayors from different towns like to engage in friendly wagers. The game between the Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos was no different. If the Broncos lost, Denver mayor Michael Hancock would have had to perform the dance that Ray Lewis performs before games. Like a good sport, he was going through with it – until he hurt himself warming up for it.

Yes, this probably takes the cake for the strangest story of the day.  Hancock said he will again try to perform the dance when he gets healthy, but that might not be for a couple of days.  If he does go through with it, we certainly need to see video of this performance.  If you get hurt warming up for it, the actual product must be simply awesome.

It may be a little quirky, but I do enjoy the bets that different mayors make.  Normally they don’t involve physical activity but it is nice to see people mix it up.  Normally the city ends up sending a gift basket of some food that is of top quality in the area.  That is the case here, but it is certainly not the headliner of what is going on.

The Broncos and their fans can’t be happy that they choked away a game they had pretty much won, but this little incident has to bring a smile to their face.  It might not be a happy smile, but it is probably a smile of some sort.

UPDATE:  It appears that the mayor did not hurt himself while practicing for the dance, as he was instead hurt at the National Western Stock Show.  I’m sad now.

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