Glenn Robinson III Throws Down Awesome Dunk

By Riley Schmitt

The Michigan Wolverines are one of the best teams in college basketball, and Glenn Robinson III is a big reason why. No one thought the freshman would come in and be a key piece right away. His play from the start of the season has been quite impressive and he added to his highlight reel on Thursday night with a huge 360 dunk.

Now that is a fun dunk to watch.  I wish I had the ability to dunk like that.  If you could throw down dunks like that, it would be a great move to pull on someone.  The fact that he made this play look so effortless makes it even better.  It looked like something that he does every game.

I’m guessing that his dad may have taught him that one.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, he is the son of Glenn Robinson, who happened to be one of the best college basketball players ever.  It should come as no surprise that his son is wowing everyone at the college level.

If Michigan can keep up this level of play, they will be one of the teams competing for the national title come March. They are a very deep team that is loaded with skill at almost every spot.  The freshmen that are playing big roles are improving every game.  If all of that continues, you will see this team a lot.

Plus, it means that might see some more plays like this from Little Dog.

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