Lance Armstrong Doesn't Believe He Cheated

By David LaRose

Lance Armstrong sat down for an exclusive, tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey to confess about his doping during his professional cycling days but one statement stood out more than others.

Yes, he confessed that he used EPO, blood transfusions and other illegal performance enhancing drugs to propel him to seven straight Tour De France victories. Yes, he confessed to being a bully to his teammates basically stating that if they didn’t dope, they would be off the team. But one thing that stood out to me was his particular answer to a question on whether or not he believed he was cheating.

In a string of questions where Oprah asked if he felt bad or even thought he was cheating, Armstrong showed no contrition or remorse. Armstrong even had the gusto to admit that he looked up the definition of ‘cheat’ and based off of that definition, he believed he didn’t cheat. Here’s video of his answer to judge for yourself:

Pathological liars tend to say anything or find anything to make themselves not feel bad about what they’ve done, and that’s exactly what that was. He was trying to find any way to not come to terms that he was doping to gain an advantage over the other riders. Sure, the other riders were doping as well, and he believed he was just “leveling the playing field” but when it comes down to it, the doping was still cheating.

Armstrong is not doing himself any more favors with his interview with Oprah, but what did people expect? Did they expect him to come out and be completely honest and apologize? That seemed like a logical thing for him to have done but that’s not part of his personality. He wasn’t going to come completely clean even if that was what people expected, mostly because he’s lied for so long that it’s just second nature for him to not tell the entire truth.

Part two of Armstrong’s interview is tonight but don’t expect for the embattled cyclist to be anymore apologetic than he was in part one. It’s just not in his nature.

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