Novak Djokovic Has No Sympathy Towards Lance Armstrong--and He Shouldn't

By Dan Parzych

There’s been a lot of talk this week surrounding Lance Armstrong and how he’s finally admit to doping throughout his cycling career after conducting an interview with Oprah this week. While Armstrong will do whatever it takes to make everyone in the country feel sorry for him, there is one professional athlete that made it clear he has no sympathy towards the cheater whatsoever–tennis player Novak Djokovic.

The No. 1 ranked tennis player in the world chimed in on the Armstrong confession–saying he should “suffer for his lies” in regards to using performance-enhancing drugs. Djokovic makes a great point when he discussed how it’s a disgrace for any sport to have an athlete cheat like Armstrong did and the worst part about the whole situation is how his actions impacted other’s lives as well.

Look at all of the individuals that accused Armstrong of cheating over the years and how hard he fought to prove them wrong just so it didn’t make him look bad. There were even a few cases in which Armstrong won cases against others that were suing him–which makes this whole scenario even more ridiculous.

It’s difficult not to disagree with Djokovic in this situation when he says Armstrong should suffer for his actions because the truth is–he should. Armstrong made it clear over his career that he doesn’t care about anyone else in this world but himself–so why should anyone else feel sorry for him if he does feel like he’s suffering over the next couple of years for his punishments?


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