Oprah Winfrey Banks Off Lance Armstrong Interview With Big Ratings

By Dan Parzych

There’s apparently a new effective method to determine whether or not a professional athlete is lying in this country–just send them to Oprah Winfrey for and they’ll be willing to admit to anything now that Lance Armstrong has finally admit to using performance-enhancing drugs.

Armstrong conducted an interview this week with Oprah that was split into two parts on her OWN network and if the ratings from the first part of the interview are any indication–she could be banking off of the second interview just as much. 3.2 million viewers apparently turned into the first part of the interview on Thursday and with the second part scheduled to be aired on Friday night–the results should be similar once again.

The most frustrating part of this interview was the fact that Armstrong acted like he didn’t even care about anyone else but himself during the interview and it’s clear the only reason why he’s even willing to come out about it at this moment must have something to do with money. Look at how many lives Armstrong had a major impact on over the years and how many of them had their lives take a turn for the worse because they tried to accuse him of cheating–only to watch him sit there and deny anything thrown in his face.

It was good to see that all we had to do to get Armstrong to confess was have him sit down with Oprah, but this is one of those situations where it’s difficult to care considering everybody already knew he was lying for the most part.


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