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20 Other Options for the Super Bowl Halftime Show

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Who else should have been considered?

Source: fanpop.com

Although the Super Bowl halftime show has been confirmed to be Beyoncé with a Destiny’s Child reunion, who else do you think should have been considered? I’m not saying that Beyoncé doesn’t deserve the spot because she is a great performer, but what other acts would have been good for this year?

I don’t know if I really like the fact that it’s just Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child. The Super Bowl halftime show normally consists of numerous artists or groups, not just one. And honestly, I don’t know if an all-girl group can pull off an outstanding performance at the Super Bowl.

Let’s face it, anything is better than Madonna’s performance at the 2012 Super Bowl. I tried to pair up these halftime acts so that there are multiple artists for them, however some musicians could be paired with pretty much anyone.

The Super Bowl tries to appeal to a variety of crowds but it gets criticized every year for it. I think it’s time for them to take a risk and get some new acts into the mix. I’m not a big fan of country music but I definitely included them in the mix of possible options. You can’t base the whole act off of genre; the live performance is also an aspect of the Super Bowl halftime show.

If you’re a big fan of music then you should check out the Top 20 Stadium Anthems as well. Now I’ll stop jibber jabbing about how pathetic the acts have been in the past so that you can check out the rest of the list. Enjoy!

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Justin Timberlake & Rihanna

Source: posh24.com

They are two of the top artists today and would make a great match for the Super Bowl. Not to mention that Justin deserves a second chance after his mishap with Janet Jackson at the 2004 Super Bowl.

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Jay-Z & Linkin Park

Source: reviewvibes.com

They had an entire CD together so they make the perfect match. You'd get fans of rap and punk-rock so there is a wide variety of people that would be satisfied with this halftime show.

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Source: lyrics.wikia.com

This one may not appeal to everyone but they are considered to be one of the best rock bands of all time.

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Dierks Bentley & Miranda Lambert

Source: examiner.com

I don't even like country, but I have seen these two perform in the past and they definitely would put on a good show.

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Britney Spears

Source: tvovermind.com

Let's face it, Britney Spears' music will never die. She is consistently played on the radio or at the bars, and it brings back some good memories.

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Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

Source: tasteofcountry.com

These two have toured together before and they're extremely popular in the world of country music.

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Bon Jovi

Source: kleeklein.com

Considering his genre is considered "arena-rock," Jovi would always be a great option for the Super Bowl halftime show.

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Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston

Source: nydailynews.com

I really hope this one caught your eye considering they are both dead. But wouldn't it be cool if they could workout some sort of hologram of previous performances from these two?

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Lady Gaga

Source: metrolyrics.com

Lady Gaga is one interesting creature. However, she does always put on a good show.

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Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood

Source: nydailynews.com

I'm really not a big country person but from what I hear, these two make a great match.

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Source: fanpop.com

Metallica is potentially one of the best groups to perform in front of a large crowd. I think that they would be a great Super Bowl act that would attract a large variety of people.

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Kanye & Jay-Z

Source: musicandgossipland.com

Both of these artists have their fair share of haters, however they have some dedicated fans as well. I think this show would be quite entertaining.

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Foo Fighters

Source: 977music.com

You can't tell me that the Foo Fighters wouldn't appeal to a variety of crowds. They may be considered a rock group but their music and performance is just pure awesome.

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Elton John & Billy Joel

Source: syncweekly.com

This duet will never die. They will always be known as two of the best musicians to ever perform.

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Source: cheesemagnet.com

Their songs are played during events all the time, why don't you just let them perform the halftime act? AC/DC may be old but their songs will never die.

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Source: eminem.co.uk

Eminem might be a rapper but he is a great performer. He has a variety of tones and you could pair him up with pretty much anyone.

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Taylor Swift & Garth Brooks

Source: gactv.com

With these two, you could catch the eye of the young and the old. T-Swift is a little upbeat and popular among the younger generations; Brooks has a more subtle voice to even out the crowd.

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Source: showbiz411.com

I'm not quite sure who else I would pair her with but Adele has caught the hearts of millions with her music.

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Drake & Nicki Minaj

Source: rapup.com

I know that I would be willing to pay to go to this concert. Drake is one of the most popular artists right now and Nicki Minaj knows how to put on a good show.

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Skrillex & Ellie Goulding

Source: fanshare.com

I know you're thinking that I'm crazy on this one. But Skrillex went viral last year and their songs are consistently played at bars. Ellie Goulding is a little bit calmer, so that would tone down the songs of Skrillex and make for a happy medium.