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The 20 Hottest Female MMA Fighters

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The 20 Hottest Female MMA Fighters

The 20 Hottest Female MMA Fighters
Source: CagedInsider

Maybe you’re like me and when you first hear the letters MMA together you instantly think of two guys grappling on the mat. One might be trying to lock in the rear-necked choke while the other is wriggling around for his very life trying to stay out of it. If you think the way I do you nod and give credit where credit is due and respect as well. Then you change the channel, the web page or magazine cover, whatever the case may be.

That isn’t all that MMA means anymore, not by a long shot. Now on almost any MMA card you find yourself viewing, there will be a women’s battle or two, maybe more. Where a few years ago that might not excite you as you expect to see two girls that look like Road Warrior Animal going at it. That’s not the case anymore either. You are liable to think you are looking at ring girls when you see the combatants in the caged octagon.

Some of the current female MMA fighters are actually former ring girls as a matter of fact. That should tell you something about how far the sport has come. We may have never expected to think about sex appeal when thinking about professional kickboxing or boxing women. When you see the twenty ladies on this list, you will never again skip passed the channel or web page when you see those three letters. Leave a comment below if you disagree with someone on here or if you think someone got snubbed.

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20 - Lacey Schuckman

Source: mmamadman.com

Lacey is around average in the cage. She’s tough as nails but only has a record of 7-6 to show for it. Not that I would want to jump into a fight with her or anything, just saying. I hesitated to put her on the list because she hasn’t done the amount of modeling pics that most of the MMA girls do now, which means very few glamor shots exist. But then modeling pics do not a hot girl make. She’s pretty hot so modeling shots or not, so here she is at number twenty.

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19 - Michelle Ould

Source: nonstopwmma.blogspot.com

Michelle Ould’s official site lists her record as 7-3 with one no contest. She certainly knows how to get rough in the cage no matter who the competitor is. While this picture is a testament to Ould’s non-fighting talents, her position on this list is a testament to how far the female wing of MMA has come. Now, she doesn’t even crack the top ten. That’s saying something about those you are yet to see.

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18 - Andy Nguyen

Source: hometownmma.com

Andy Nguyen, at 4 wins and 5 losses isn’t the most dominant MMA fighter of all time. It’s a good thing this list has very little to do with wins and losses. As far as the way she looks while fighting, she is one of several on this list that I just couldn’t have thought were MMA fighters. I don’t think that’s stereotyping on my part, but if it is, I’d kind of like having her kick my tail for it. You would too.

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17 - Felice Herrig

Source: CagedInsider

When I first started searching for pictures of Felice Herrig, I wasn’t all that crazy about her. I found out that she is one of those girls that looks better every time you see a picture of her. By the time I was finished searching out the right pic for this article, I was sold on her being near the top ten. Also she can whip your rear end from one side of your state to the other. The good news is that she’s hot enough that you wouldn’t mind.

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16 - Sarah Goodlaxson

Source: langgar-ondaq.us

With an amateur record of two wins and two losses Sarah Goodlaxson probably has some work before she could be considered a big timer. The only thing that counts for this list is how stinking cute she is. Really, look don’t you just want to take her to a ballgame or something? If you went with her, probably a bad idea to fight her for a foul ball. Don’t want to get taken down in public by this five foot one inch, one-hundred and ten pound fighter.

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15 - Kaitlyn Young

Source: article.wm.com

For most of these hot MMA girls, they could sweet talk you out of your car one moment and scare the crud out of you when you see them fight. Kaitlyn Young scares me in her modeling shoots. I look and think, wow she looks pretty ripped and… and she’s going to whip my… you get the picture. Still, wouldn’t say no if she demanded I take her out somewhere.

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14 - Caroline Portugal

Source: cltampa.com

Well, she doesn’t technically have a win yet. Still, the guts it takes to step into an MMA cage or ring deserves major respect. Also deserving of respect is her natural assets. She is gorgeous for sure. Maybe if she goes on a roll and gets some wins under her belt, she’ll look even better. Who knows, it could happen.

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13 - Erin Toughill

Source: femalemuscle.com

With a career record of 10-3-1, Eric Toughill has proven her toughness in the cage. Her style stems from her background as a professional Boxer where she had a record of 8-2-1-1. But, you probably care a little less about her fighting style and her record than you do her ripped body and cute face. I wouldn’t say I blame you.

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12 - Rachael Cummins

Source: Koastkombat

Rachael Cummins has all the tools to make it to the top of the MMA female rankings. She’s got long, lean muscles, a gorgeous face and could wrap up anyone on Earth into a human pretzel and have them for lunch. What? Expecting some snide comment about her name? Come on now, you can make those comments without me.

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11 - Jordan Nicole Gaza

Source: Fightgirlz

This former cheerleader has quickly made the transition from girly girl cheerleader to in your face MMA fighter. She has a good record and is moving in the right direction to make a career out of it. And if being hot helps MMA female fighters now-a-days, then Jordan Nicole Gaza has a leg up on the competition.

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10 - Lisa King

Source: unholymatrimony.wordpress.com

With a nickname like The Black Widow, you have to back it up in whatever sport you’re in. Lisa King has done just that with her time as an MMA fighter. Muay Thai has a way of scaring me just because of the way it sounds. Lisa “The Black Widow” King strikes me the same way especially since Muay Thai is her fighting style. I’m distracted from all of that at the moment though. I guess you know why.

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9 - Latasha Marzolla

Source: topfox.tv

This former model has an amateur record of two wins and one defeat. She might not look like much of a fighter but you wouldn’t say that if you were in the ring with her. Whether or not she decides to go pro probably depends on… you… you stopped reading this after the first sentence didn’t you? Yeah, I figured.

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8 - Miesha Tate

Source: frankp316.blogspot.com/

Tate has been on the MMA scene since 2007. Her record of 13-3 speaks to her ability. The picture you see speaks to her deserving to be on this list. Honestly, some pics of Miesha would put her in the top five of this list. Take the time to do some research for yourself if you want. It might be well worth the time spent.

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7 - Ronda Rousey

Source: 1340thefan.com

Many of these girls look completely different inside the octagon and outside of it. That is completely understandable I think, all things considered. However, beginning with Rousey, that changes a little bit. She is stunning outside the ring as you can see here. Inside the cage, Rousey is still as cute as ever. Well, cute as long as the sight of her trying to beat the crud out of another girl doesn’t flip that switch off for you.

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6 - Kyra Gracie

Source: efnsports.com

I think even if there was not a Gracie female fighting in MMA right now, I’d have to get creative and make one up. How can you have an MMA list without including a Gracie somewhere? Lucky for us Kyra is not only in the MMA scene but shows herself worthy of her name in the ring or octagon. Oh, and she is as hot as fire too. Did I not mention that?

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5 - Michele Gutierrez

Source: Tracey Lee

Wow! This top five group is really going to get you saying the same word. Wow, you’ll just keep saying it until you get tired. Then you’ll look up fighting footage and start saying wow all over again. Michele Gutierrez is certainly no exception to that rule. She has earned her spot among other great looking MMA female fighters and she deserves it.

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4 - Jordan McDonald

Source: ufcundisputed.com

Okay, I’m sorry but I just didn’t expect much when I looked up past battles with Jordan McDonald. Turns out she is pretty good at fighting stuff. Bringing in five wins and only three losses since 2009 suggests maybe she is better than pretty good. I’m sure she is, right now I can’t stop looking at that picture. I’m sure you understand.

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3 - Sarah McLeod

Source: Flickriver.com

With a record of six wins and five losses with one tie, you might not think too highly of Sara McLeod’s fighting ability. But then again, when is the last time you stepped into a confined space and willingly stayed in there while someone was trying to kill you? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Also, as far as her record goes… who cares! Look at her! She is better looking than your girlfriend and tougher than you. That’s all you need to know.

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2 - Michelle Waterson

Source: mmafightgirls.com

If you get the urge to walk up to this hot girl and use a dumb pick up line, pinch her somewhere or do anything else dumb to get her attention, you might want to check out footage of her alter ego in the cage first. As incredible as Michelle Waterson looks here, she is a beast in the cage. I mean it’s like Shehulk but not green and a lot hotter. She is one of the few in any sport that could make a career at full time modeling if she wanted to. The fact that she has so many fights under her belt is worthy of respect. You could choose not to give her respect, but I wouldn’t if I were you.

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1 - Gina Carano

Source: blingcheese.com

With each one of the girls on this list, I have had a little fun rambling on about hot girls fighting and all of that. That stops with Gina Carano. She is number one on this list for three reasons that are drop dead serious. First of all, she’s the hottest woman ever to step into a MMA cage. Secondly, she was undefeated except for that one loss to that dude named Chris. Calm down, I slipped a joke in. Mainly she is number one on the list because without Gina Carano, there would be no list. She should have her own wing in the Hall of Fame. She brought them to the big time and every female MMA fighter that makes a successful living at that and modeling has homage to pay to Carano for it. She’s the best, period.