Russell Westbrook Blocks Mascot's Half-Court Shot

By Riley Schmitt

Russell Westbrook may have a lot of people that don’t enjoy his game, but he is always entertaining. On Sunday night, he took that up to a new level when he actually blocked the shot of Rocky, the Denver Nuggets mascot. It is something that has to be seen to be believed.

So is that not the best thing ever?  The crowd hated it, but Westbrook simply did not care.  That is what makes him so polarizing. A lot of people like him because of what he does on the court, but they get angry by some of his odder antics.  You simply can’t hate something like this.  This is way too funny for anyone to get mad at.

Yes, I get that it can be hard to root for him on the basketball court.  He is constantly getting blamed for issues and for supposedly not giving the ball to Kevin Durant enough.  Remember, Russ is also a star in his own right.  He is sort of in a spot where he gets blamed no matter what happens.  That is tough on a player, but he never lets it affect him.  That is the sign of a star.

This will be on highlights for a long time.  It is not often that you see a star go up to block a mascot’s shot.  I am sure that this will anger some, but you simply have to love a player that is just having fun.  He may have blocked the mascot from having fun, but who cares?

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