Place Your Bets: A Camel Predicts Super Bowl Winner

By Ben Grimaldi
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The practice of animals predicting who’s going to win a sporting event has become something of a fad and this year is no different. This year a camel is getting in on the prediction business and she’s already picked a Super Bowl winner.

Princess, a 26-year old Bactrian camel, who lives at the Popcorn Park Zoo in Lacy Township, New Jersey has predicted the Baltimore Ravens will beat the San Francisco 49ers to be the winners of Super Bowl XLVII. And before you scoff at the prognostications of a camel, just know that Princess is 6-1 in picking the last seven Super Bowl winners and she correctly predicted the New York Giants would win last year’s game.

According to, the zoo’s General Manager John Bergmann said the process for Princess is simple; “She loves graham crackers. In one palm we write down with one of these magic markers the 49ers, and on the other, the Ravens. We cover them with graham cracker so she can’t see. Whichever she chooses to eat first is her pick.”

Princess is not alone in animal prediction business though, last season Annie The Psychic Anteater predicted the Los Angeles Kings would win the Stanley Cup and they did. For last years Super Bowl, Teddy Bear, a porcupine, correctly predicted the Giants would win the Super Bowl and we all know how that turned out so there maybe something to this whole animal prediction business.

So start the celebration now Ravens fans, your team will win the Super Bowl. Not because of the experts analysis, but because Princess said so.

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