The X Games Must Go Away ASAP

By Andy Schmidt
This photo is from the Olympics, but bear with me. Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday night will bring the worst event in the history of sports back to the television: the X Games. This is honestly the thing that sets my generation back 20 years. In all honesty, who on earth wants to watch someone ride a snowboard or do flips in the air? I know I don’t want to and frankly I wish more people felt this way about it so I didn’t have to see it ever again.

I know very well that I’m in the minority on this and that is fine with me. If you want to watch it, go for it, but it is a weekend of lost sports television for me. I would rather watch paint dry than the X Games. We as a society have made heroes out of these people just because they can ride a skateboard or snowboard really well. The Olympics has even put events like these into their games. I guess baseball isn’t an Olympic sport but snowcross is?!? Are you kidding me?

I despise everything about the X Games because it is a stupid and ridiculous thing to watch. I sound like a cranky old man writing this and I know that, but put bowling or pool on ESPN2 instead please. Give the general public something that is remotely interesting to pay attention to. ESPN comes up with this because the youth of America wants it. Things change all the time, but this is something that I will never accept and will rail against until it is finally off my television. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Andy Schmidt is a columnist/writer for RantSports. Follow him on Twitter @ASchmidtSports or like his Facebook page.

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