New Orleans Hornets New Name & Improved Logo

By Renae Juska

The wait is finally over, and we will be seeing the New Orleans Hornets as the Pelicans for the 2013-2014 NBA season. New team owner, Tom Benson announced their official name change this afternoon along with a new and improved logo.

The logo is surprisingly pretty good. I’m glad they ditched the old color scheme and went for an all-around new look. Blue, red and gold is a great combination compared to the baby blue with gold accents that the team currently has. Blue is represented in the state flag, gold characterizes an intention to win the championship and red indicates the “blood” or union as one.

Let’s be honest, anything is an upgrade compared to the teal and purple the team had back when they were the Charlotte Hornets.

Street signs in the French Quarter of New Orleans inspired the font for the new logo. The crescent shaped basketball represents New Orleans nickname of “Crescent City” due to its semi-circle curve around the Mississippi River.

I know the name sounds a little cheesy, but it really does fit in well with the city and the state. Their state’s coin is actually titled “The Pelican State,” so there really was more meaning to it than we all thought. It’s not exactly the most threatening mascot you could have, but at least the logo presents some form of intimidation.

The team was in decline until they acquired the #1 draft pick, Anthony Davis this season. Hopefully the new talent, new logo and mascot will inspire the team and lead them to a championship game.

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