Tiger Woods Has Found Himself Someone New To Cheat On—Skier Lindsey Vonn

By Ben Grimaldi
Ford McClave-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I guess the rumors about Tiger Woods getting back with his ex-wife Elin Nordegren were a little bit far fetched since there are new rumors about someone that Woods might be dating, and cheating on, skier Lindsey Vonn.

The Hollywood Reporter, just as credible as the National Enquirer who reported Woods was begging to re-marry ex-wife Elin Norgedren, reports that the golfer and the skier have been dating since November. Apparently they met in Colorado while skiing, since Woods is an avid skier. The Hollywood Reporter also said that the couple doesn’t see much of each other because of their busy schedules, but that they were getting serious. If Manti Te’o was to read this story, he’d be calling Woods right now and telling to make sure Vonn exists!

Like Woods, Vonn was also married once before, to fellow Olympic skier Thomas Vonn, in 2007. To make the story even juicier, Vonn’s divorce was just finalized this January.

It’s not uncommon to see two great athletes date, but you would hope that Vonn understands what she’s getting herself into. Woods’ story has been well chronicled over the past few years and the recent reports that he was trying to get back together with his ex-wife is cause for speculation.

They are both adults and I’m guessing no one really cares if Woods and Vonn are actually dating, but here’s to hoping Vonn knows what she’s getting herself into. Since they appear to be in a long-distance relationship, perhaps Vonn should even worry a little more.

Good luck to Vonn and Woods, proof that athletes sometimes do date real women.

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