The 35 Hottest Female Basketball Players Will Wow You

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Source: WNBA

I'll start this off by saying I might be one of the biggest enemies of women's basketball out there. If you have ever had to call a bad women's basketball game, you would understand where I am coming from. However, I can concede that there are some tremendous basketball players out there that just so happen to be female. Today, we are going to bring you a list of 35 of the hottest female basketball players in the world.

When I say world, I really mean world. There are a lot of different backgrounds on this list and that is a good thing. Switching things up never hurt anyone, so this list should be a good one for most people. There are plenty of American born players but I think the amount of foreigners will help make this list the best that it can possibly be.

The Olympics in 2012 really helped some of the girls on the list. Not only could they play on a world stage, a lot more people ended up knowing who they were. That is certainly not a bad thing for anyone.

That being said, there will be people that are not too happy with this list. If you feel we missed someone, let us know in the comment section. That is one way to make sure that this list improves every single time that it gets done. If you are not getting better, you are going to end up getting worse in the long run.

With all of that taken care of, let us get into the list. These women are great on the court and they are also great looking. Sounds like a pretty good combination if you ask me. Take your time and enjoy the 35 hottest female basketball players in the world.

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Candice Wiggins

Source: Twitter

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why Wiggins ends up on this list. Hot AND successful.

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Maya Moore

Source: Facebook

Speaking of successful, Moore wins everywhere she goes. Simply one of the best to ever lace up a pair of basketball shoes.

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Abby Bishop


One of the key cogs on Team Australia, Bishop is a common member on lists like this. Shouldn't be hard to see why.

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Sue Bird

Sue Bird

Bird is another one who can claim that she is one of the best ever. She's not bad to look at, either.

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Swin Cash

Swin Cash

Cash models when she's not playing basketball. Plus, she has one of the best names in sports.

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Ilona Korstin

Ilona Korstin

Korstin is drop-dead gorgeous. There's a reason she's on this list, folks.

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Svetlana Abromsimova

Source: WNBA

Russia just keeps on pumping out the great looking basketball players. Has to be their best export next to vodka.

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Anna Petrakova

Anna Petrakova
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Elena Delle Donne

Source: ESPN

You definitely need to watch Delle Donne play ball this year. She gets double and triple teamed, but she still puts up huge numbers.

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Natalya Zhedik

Natalya Zhedik

Russia keeps pumping out the attractive basketball players. Zhedik is no exception.

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Emanuela Salopek

Emanuela Salopek
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Marija Vrsaljko

Source: Tumblr

Although there is zero chance I could pronounce this name, Vrsaljko is a great basketball player. She's also fairly attractive.

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Tiina Sten

Tiina Sten

Sten may not play on a team that gets a lot of hype, but we should probably recognize her. She is simply that good.

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Skylar Diggins

skylar Diggins

Diggins is probably the face of college basketball right now. With a face like that, no one is going to complain.

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Maria Stepanova

Maria Stepanova

Stepanova is 6'8. That is simply massive for a women's basketball player. I'm in shock just reading that.

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Ashley Robinson

Ashley Robinson
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Svetlana Abromsimova

Svetlana Abromsimova
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Kayte Christensen

Source: Busted Coverage

Christensen deserves a spot on this list. I have the feeling you can see why.

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Alysha Clark

Alysha Clark
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Dawn Evans

Source: Mediabistro

Evans is simply superb on the court. Off the court, she's one of the best looking players out there.

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Jennifer Lacy

Jennifer Lacy
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Candace Parker

Candace parker
USA Today Sports Images

I still think Parker can beat her husband in 1 on 1. Sheldon Williams isn't that good.

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Yelena Leuchanka

Yelena Leuchanka
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Keyla Snowden

Source: Bleacher Report

Snowden may not be known by a lot of people, but that should change. She can hoop with the best of them and she's great looking.

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Tiffany Suarez

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Caroline Doty

Caroline Doty
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Erin Phillips

Erin Phillips
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Katerina Elhotova

Katerina Elhotova
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Katerina Zohnova

Katerina Zohnova
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Meghan Gardler

Meghan Gardler
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Antonija Misura

Antonija Misura

You not going to knock Misura off the top of this list. There is simply no way that it can be done.

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Keyla Snowden

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Ruth Riley

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Scholanda Dorrell

Scholanda Dorrell
USA Today Sports
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Tugce Canitez

USA Today Sports

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  • Ryan

    Ok it says HOTTEST not most successful!!! Maya is not hot.

    • Josh Colletta

      Speak for yourself there, buddy…

    • Josh Thompson

      Have to disagree.

    • Bill B

      Take Maya, Sue B., Erin P. and Abby B off of the list, please. Put Penny Taylor on the list!!

  • Amber

    meghan gardner is the hottest imo

    • Josh Thompson

      Misura is the hottest IMO.

      • motoxdad143

        Give her some boobs at least …

  • sharewhut

    6 of 20 (can make a case for 7 on a EDD technicality), Geno’s got an eye for more than just hoops scorability….

  • Greg

    Was expecting hot pics of hot women, not normal pics of somewhat cute women.

    • SportsGenius705

      Somewhat cute women? Clearly you are blind.

      • lakawak

        Obviously you never get out if you think these are the examples of such unobtainable hotness that it blows your mind. In an average day, most people will encounter…even TALK to…several women that would qualify for this list based on who is on it.

  • David

    Kevi Luper! from Oral Roberts University

  • Damian Parker

    Maria Stepanova is better looking than all this women hands down

  • Mansour Katebian

    What no Becky Hammon?

  • Guest

    Mostly white girls with no hips overhyped as usual


      I agree,overhyped foriegn white girls.

    • David Monroe

      Sorry there aren’t enough fat ass chicks on the list for you.

    • Derek Lee

      I’m the first one to appreciate curves on a chick, but these chicks have to run up and down the court, which is why fat asses aren’t typical among them.

  • Nicole Ancell

    Penny Taylor should def be in this list..Elena has mad skills but pretty idk not to me. Say what you will about Brittney Griner, but she IS beautiful..her face is gorgeous. guess you had to have big boobs to make this list

  • funky

    Skylar Diggins finest women not just in sports but maybe of all!

  • bill

    Where did you get the extra “m” to put into Abrosimova? Check a roster once in a while, woodja?

  • juliabliss

    Couldn’t you just make a slideshow of the best female basketball players? Let Maxim make the Hottest Female Athlete lists.
    None of the lists for male athletes feel the need to note that they are attractive. Seems like an obvious oversight.

  • lakawak

    Wow, Riley…you REALLY need to get laid.

  • David Monroe

    Must have been tough to come up with 20. Volleyball, swimming, tennis but basketball?

  • Randy Mccloud

    Not being a huge fan of women’s basketball, I’ve only heard of a few of these women. I’m no writer, but you would think each picture might actually include the name of the player, and the team (country) she plays for.