The 35 Hottest Lingerie Football Players of All Time

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Hottest Lingerie Football Players


Some things in life are just gifts sent from above. I truly believe the Lingerie Football League is one of those things. It gives men the two things they enjoy most in life: gorgeous women and football.

If aliens invaded this planet to get some ideas to improve their civilization, the LFL would definitely be on that to-do list. I mean, look at these gorgeous ladies - how can you not love this?

These ladies all arrived to the LFL in a variety of different ways. Most were models, some wanted to release some aggression, and one is the offspring of a former NFL quarterback. No matter who they are, or where they're from, or what they do, as long as we love them, right?

Alas, here are the 30 hottest LFL players from the past and present, not including Niki Ghazian (pictured above) because she is so hot she deserved the title slide.


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Daniella Moinet

Daniella Moinet

Moinet signed a contract with the WWE a few years ago, but I haven't paid enough attention to know if she mad anything of herself in the industry.

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Liz Gorman

Liz Gorman

Playing as a safety and a wide receiver, she goes both ways on the football field.

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Eliese Zukelman

Eliese Zukelman

I'm just going to assume she's the hottest woman alive that has a last name staring with "Z".

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Laura Cavender


Cavender is also a music DJ. I now know who I want supplying tunes at my wedding.

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Heather Perez

Heather Perez

Heather is one of those "Jersey Girls" we all know and love. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. Thanks, Snooki.

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Melany Lorenzo

Melany Lorenzo

Lorenzo is married to a MMA fighter. I can't even imagine how aggressive... nevermind.

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Skylar Vanel

At one point in time, Vanel described herself as a professional pillow fighter. You know you'd want to be locked in a bedroom with her.
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Taira Turley


If you recognize Turley, it might be from the TV show Miami Ink, where she was a make-up artist.

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Tracey Willmer

Tracey Willmer

Normally when you think of the center position, you think of big, fat, ugly human beings. You never think of someone as gorgeous as Tracy Willmer.

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Monique Gaxiola

Monique Gaxiola

Gaxiola is the LFL's version of George Blanda. She has played four positions in her career, including kicker.

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Tanyka Renee

Tanyka Renee

I believe Destiny's Child "wrote" a song that depicts Tanyka to perfection.

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Tiffani Powers

Tiffani Powers

Tiffani Powers is just the perfect name for a lady who plays Lingerie Football.

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Angela Rypien

Angela Rypien

I'm sure her daddy, Mark, is a proud papa!

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Lauren LaBella

Thanks to her brothers, she grew up playing sports such as basketball, soccer and - of course - football. It seems like she's really good with balls.
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Melissa Mikkelsen

Melissa Mikkelsen

Mikkelsen (on the left) is probably the tannest girl I have ever seen.

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Tiffani Hardin

Tiffani Hardin

Tiffani Hardin's team disbanded, but she still deserves the proper recognition for being a major hottie.

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Stella Vidal

Stella Vidal

Judging by this picture, she could probably beat me into oblivion.

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Krystal Gray


Unless Google lied to me, this woman goes by two different names, which means only one thing...

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Nadia Larysa

Nadia Larysa

Miss Larysa was one of the few ladies that have graced the pages of Playboy, so hooray for that.

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Jenny Yukich


Yukick is part Yugoslavian and African-American. I can honestly say I haven't heard of that before, but maybe that combination should breed more often.

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Niki Connor

Niki Connor

Connor went the John Elway route, retiring from the game after winning the championship in 2009.

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Chelsie Jorgensen

Another LFL alum that has posed in a magazine owned by Hugh Hefner.

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Danika Brace


Brace played tight end during her time with the LFL, so one could imagine that her perfect mate would be Gronk.

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Britainie De Garbott


De Garbott works as a nurse in California. So if you hurt yourself, make sure it's in California.

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Krista Ford


Hottest. push-uo. ever.

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Brandyce Lee

Apart from her career in the LFL, Lee has also been busy in the modeling business. Her biggest gig? A spot with Condom Depot Television.
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Linda Renner


Renner fired that pigskin around when she was in the LFL, now she's just telling folks how to exit a burning plane.

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Jackie Danico.

Jackie Danico.

Jackie Danico has posed in a variety of magazines, with the Hooters calender being the most prestigious.

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Melissa Berry

Berry was caught in a scandal in 2008 when her ex-boyfriend posted risque pictures of her on Myspace. If only I still used Myspace...
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Lauren Jenkins

Lauren Jenkins

Eye black has never looked so attractive.

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Katie Sheaffer

Poling Photography

Sheaffer is your like a Renassiance girl. She has these as her favorite activities: wakeboarding, running, hiking, snowboarding, track, swimming, horseback riding, cheearleading, volleyball, softball, soccer, basketball. and kayaking.

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Kaley Tuning

Kaley Tuning

This picture shows off Tuning's finest asset - - her ripped stomach.

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Joey Davenport

Not only is she one of the hottest players in the LFL, but she's also the best.
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MiKayla Wingle

MiKayla Wingle

Wingler was a contestant on Survivor, but didn't win.

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Christie Burns


Burns has a little Julianne Hough thing working for her, which is why she's my number one LFL alumnus.

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Lingerie Football Random Hottie

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Lingerie Football Random Hottie

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Lingerie Football Random Hottie

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Lingerie Football Random Hottie

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Lingerie Football Random Hottie


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