Jackson Strong Loses Control Of Snowmobile At Winter X Games; Flies Into Crowd

By Riley Schmitt

Jackson Strong is great at doing tricks in motocross, but his snowmobile skills need work. Strong only had four hours of experience on a sled, but decided to enter the best trick competition at the Winter X Games anyways. What happened next really needs to be seen to be believed.


So yes, that is a video of a snowmobile that decided to drive itself.  The throttle apparently got stuck when he messed up his trick and it decided it wanted to take out some fans along the way.  Somehow, only one person ended up getting hurt during his whole mess.  It could have been a lot worse for everyone involved.

I really think that Strong should have thought more about doing this.  He is lucky someone did not get seriously hurt because of this stunt.  Luckily everyone was paying attention and they were able to bail out of the way before the sled could have done a lot of damage.

This will be something here you will see all over sports shows for the next week or so.  It was something that made me look up from my computer in awe.  The fall was pretty cool to see, but the run away snowmobile is something that will get the attention of anyone.  It is such a rarity to see that everyone is going to stop what they are doing and they will look at it.

Strong will probably need some more work on this trick.  If you end up having your sled take off on its own, you should take that as a sign.

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