The Legend of Johnny Football Continues With Trick Shots

By Renae Juska
Source: Thomas Campbell- USA Today

The legend of Johnny Football is simply never-ending. Johnny Manziel had an outstanding season with the Texas A&M Aggies, leading them to an unexpected 11-2 record. This time around, Manziel teamed up with Dude Perfect to showcase his skills with some unbelievable trick shots.

This season, Manziel passed for 3,706 yards and rushed 1,410 yards to make a total of 47 touchdowns; that’s pretty impressive for a freshman. Let’s just say that these shots reinforce the fact that Manziel deserved the Heisman award this year. You’re probably going to find yourself saying, “Is that real?” multiple times during the video.

I’m sure he missed some shots here and there, but his accuracy is just incredible. The skeet shooting early in the video was pretty awesome but the last shot that Manziel takes is absolutely insane; I had to re-watch it a few times just to believe it.

I’m not sure if they were trying to make fun of Cam Newton or not but the infamous Superman cape dance was used a few too many times during the video. I also like how they got Manziel to redeem himself after his awful extra point attempt last season, pretty clever idea on their behalf.

These guys must have been on caffeine overload, but at least they are absolutely hilarious. This crew became viral a few years ago and their videos never fail to amuse me. I’d have to say that their slogan, “ambassadors of fun” is definitely accurate.

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