Brock Lesnar Signs New Deal With WWE

By Riley Schmitt
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Brock Lesnar may not love the WWE but the man loves a paycheck. Right now, there is no better business for him to get a nice paycheck, which means he is going to be sticking around. The star has reportedly inked a brand new deal that will keep him in the pro wrestling world until 2015.

This is big news for him and the company.  I hope that this contract has more dates on it than the old one that he had did.  I mean, we really haven’t seen Brock in a few months.  He has only had two matches in almost an entire year, with a third one coming in April.  Having a guy with this amount of star power not wrestling is simply not good.

Now we have to hope for the company to not botch the situation with Lesnar.  His star is always going to be bright.  He will be over with the fans and he will always be seen as a legit threat in the company.  That means he should be paired up with a young face that can gain a boost from working with him.  We don’t need to see him working with Triple H just to have Triple H avenge a loss.  That helps no one.

I don’t see Lesnar becoming a face, but he will end up having a lot to do with some of the newer NXT stars.  He might also be the man who gets the last crack at breaking the Undertaker’s streak.

Lesnar and Taker doing battle at Wrestlemania 31 to send both of them off would be the perfect ending in my book.  No matter the winner, it would be a moment in history.

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