Carlos Boozer Baptizes Bismack Biyombo

By Riley Schmitt


Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Boozer is an extremely polarizing player.  The Chicago Bulls knew what they were getting but the fans overrated him.  He has not lived up to the expectations that the fans had for him but he did have one heck of a play on Monday night.  Boozer managed to throw down a huge dunk on Bismack Biyombo, which shocked everyone who has ever lived.

Seriously, Boozer should not be doing things like that.  The man is best known for shooting fadeaway jumpers.  People get mad when he tries to do stupid layups instead of dunking the ball.  The fact that he was able to pull off something like that shocked a lot of people.

This wasn’t against some scrub player.  Biyombo is one heck of a shot blocker and he probably should have sent that back off of Boozer’s head.  I guess he had a late reaction to it but he was in perfect time to end up on a poster.  Boozer posters are rare but they tend to end up being fairly awesome.

We will how long it is before Boozer ends up creating another poster.  He is good for a couple of these a year but you have to make sure you watch them.  They are so rare that everyone has to take out of there day to watch.  In fact, I spent a minute or two screaming after that play.

This one is going to be all over the highlights later.  A Boozer poster will brighten anyone’s day.

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