Ndamukong Suh Saves Louie Anderson's Life

By Renae Juska


Source: TMZ.com

Ndamukong Suh is one of the biggest bullies of the NFL, but today we are finding out that he really does have a warm side to his personality. The Detroit Lions’ defensive tackle is credited to say the life of comedian Louie Anderson, former host of Family Feud.

Anderson and Suh were competing in the “Splash” celebrity diving competition when Anderson’s dive took a little mishap last Wednesday. This new show is scheduled to air this spring.

On Wednesday, Anderson was practicing his dives when he became too tired to lift himself out of the pool. Anderson isn’t exactly a small person and he almost sank to the bottom of the pool after repeatedly falling off the ladder.

According to TMZ, Suh and Olympic diver Greg Louganis lifted Anderson out of the water. Anderson then sat up, coughing up water for several seconds. On a side note, I’m surprised that Lions coach Jim Schwartz isn’t concerned for Suh’s safety. Is a dive competition really something that you’d want your defensive tackle competing in?

This isn’t your everyday occurrence and the fact that Suh came to the rescue could increase his reputation a little bit. Suh is normally known for kicking or punching the opposing team but now we get to see that he really does have a soft side.

Then again, if someone is drowning, I’d hope that everyone’s first instinct would be to help them. Let’s just say that this won’t hurt Suh’s reputation as a bully by any means.

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