PETA Uses Manti Te'o Hoax to Promote Faux Chicken

By Renae Juska

It’s starting to look like Manti Te’o should have just kept his fake girlfriend secret to himself. As if the media hasn’t hounded him enough, people just keep on going. This time around, PETA has bombarded Te’o regarding the hoax.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) used an image of Te’o on their home page with the caption “Manti Got Buffaloed- but You Shouldn’t.” The site is promoting football fans to use fake meat, rather than real chicken for Super Bowl Sunday in order to raise awareness for the maltreatment of chickens. So if you’re looking for some vegan recipes, go check out the Te’o ad at

So pretty much, PETA is saying that fake is better. Somehow I find it hard to believe that a fake girlfriend is better than a real girlfriend.

The ad is quite clever on PETA’s part. However, I’m still finding it hard to have sympathy for him. He should have known that if when he admitted she was not real that the story was going to go viral. Te’o probably should have just kept his mouth shut after he realized he got “catfished.”

Better yet, there are rumors that there will be at least one billboard up in New Orleans by the time crowds start arriving for the Super Bowl. Te’o took himself from a top-candidate for the Heisman Trophy down to being mocked every single day.

So according to PETA, if you’re cooking up fake chicken wings on Sunday, you shouldn’t get hurt! Even though Te’o got hurt after being tied into the fake girlfriend hoax…

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