Joe Flacco Brilliantly Signs Gummy Bear Endorsement Deal

By David Miller
Joe Flacco Ravens
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

This time of year can be a veritable gold mine for any player involved in the biggest game on earth. The Super Bowl brings with it the kind of legendary attention that anyone seemingly would love to take advantage of. That sometimes leads to lucrative endorsement deals designed to capitalize on the several hours of added fame a given athlete might have. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is doing just what anyone would do to take advantage of the moment. He has signed a gummy bear endorsement deal.

Before you laugh; well, okay go ahead and have a little chuckle if you must. Now, the deal was signed with Haribo Gold Bears. First of all they are freaking awesome, if you haven’t had any in a while go ahead and grab yourself some. Second of all, do you really want to laugh at gummy bears? Think about it, we’ve all eaten them. Flacco is eating them too but getting paid for it! It’s kind of hard to knock a fellow for finding a way to get paid to eat something as normal as crackers. Can’t you just see him sitting there with bags and bags of the bears surrounding him? That sounds like a Flacco move doesn’t it?

It might seem strange to you that an NFL Super Bowl caliber quarterback would sign such a deal, but it really shouldn’t. This isn’t the polished Manning brothers, it’s not the rough and haggard Brett Favre, and it’s not Colin Kaepernick for sure. This is Joe Flacco and I say good for him for endorsing something he actually likes. Anyway who said all of the great Super Bowl winning quarterbacks had to endorse something “cool” like beer, jeans or underwear? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go grab a back of those bears for myself.

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