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Justin Glover Throws Down Sweet Dunk During D-2 Game


Ten minutes ago, I had no idea who Justin Glover was. After I watched this amazing video, I think everyone needs to know who he is. Glover is a D-2 guard at Winston-Salem State and he decided that a between the legs dunk was the perfect cap to a fast break.

There simply aren’t enough people who attempt stuff like this anymore. You see a lot of players that would go for the easy dunk or even a layup, but Glover wanted the highlight, and I give him props for that.  His coach probably wasn’t super happy that he went for something that difficult, but it all worked out in the end.

I hope that this play gets on the highlight shows.  Since it is a small school, the chance of that happening is not so good.  That means all of us on the internet need to do Glover a favor and get this dunk a ton of attention.  There will be the haters out there who claim it is not that impressive, but in-game dunks like this are super sweet – you can’t tell me you would watch this and not enjoy it.

I have no idea what the future basketball prospects for Glover are, since he is a senior. He probably won’t get a sniff of the NBA, but I think he might be able to carve out an overseas career. If this dunk gets enough attention, it should draw some interested parties towards him.  Let’s make it happen.