Caleb Moore Dies After Crash At Winter X Games

By Riley Schmitt
Source: KMBC

Sad news to pass along today. Caleb Moore, who has been a staple of the Winter X Games, has died after the injuries he sustained a week ago. Moore, who had a horrific crash, suffered a concussion that later led to multiple complications. The outlook was grim and it was unfortunately realized.

It is the first death at the Winter X Games, but it looks like the gathering is becoming more and more dangerous.  I watched a little bit of the games and things are getting out of hand.  People are getting seriously hurt almost every day, and it is a wonder that only one person has lost their life so far.

For instance, Jackson Strong is lucky that he did not kill himself or spectators on Sunday.  His sled had the throttle stuck, and it barreled into the crowd of people.  Only one person was hurt, but it could have been much worse.  The games don’t have stuff like this happen all the time but the instances are becoming a lot more alarming with each passing year.

We will see if any changes come to the games after this.  They need to do whatever they can to make the sport safer.  Doing tricks on a sled may be exhilarating but it is certainly not safe.  If they can come up with a way to make it safer for the competitors, then things will become a lot better.

My condolences go out to the Moore family after this.  Caleb was way too young to leave this planet.

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