Eli Manning Super Bowl Rap

By David LaRose
Courtesy- YouTube

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is back in his hometown of New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII but it’s not for the reason he would have liked. Instead of playing in his second consecutive SB, Manning is just in town for the festivities.

To ease the pain of not playing in the big game this year the guys of Freestyle Love decided to serenade Mr. Manning with his very own rap. Let the hilarity ensue.


The guys were pretty creative with their lyrics focusing mostly on family ties and New England Patriots bashing. Manning has owned the Patriots, especially in the two Super Bowls and it made for entertaining lyrics. Manning seemed to be a good sport through it all and how could he not be? The only time he looked a little uncomfortable was when they attempted to get him up and dance to the rap, he didn’t want any part of that.

Despite his usual laid back demeanor, Manning has shown a sense of humor in the past. His hosting of SNL last year was priceless and he had some very amusing skits.

As for his play on the field this season Manning was a bit off. He finished the 2012 season with 3,948 passing yards, 26 touchdowns but had 15 interceptions and 5 fumbles. The Giants just missed the playoffs with a 9-7 record, going 2-3 down the final stretch of the season.

There’s no doubting Manning’s ability and his ability to be elite. The only thing that really holds him back is his inconsistency from season to season. Once he shores that up he will easily be considered one of the best QB’s in the NFL

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