Ray Lewis Ends Career with Customized Super Bowl Cleats

By Renae Juska
Source: Under Armour Football

Super Bowl XLVII will be the last time that we see legendary Ray Lewis step out onto the field. I’m sure that Lewis will perform one last dance as he enters the field but that isn’t the only unique thing that he will be sporting.

Lewis will be playing his last game with a uniquely customized pair of  golden Under Armour FW13 cleats. And I’d have to say, these cleats are pretty awesome.

On the toe of the cleats, it reads Psalms 91. This honors the t-shirt worn by Lewis under his pads at his last home game as a Baltimore Ravens linebacker.

Source: Under Armour Football

These are the inside soles of Lewis’ customized Super Bowl cleats. I think this is the best idea that Under Armour came up with. The linings acknowledge all of Lewis’ career accomplishments. On the left sole, we see his regular season statistics and on the right sole, they have included his post-season statistics.

Source: Under Armour Football


And one final shot of the customized cleats, the tongue of the shoe features his initials and jersey number, 52.


Source: Under Armour Football

Overall, I am highly impressed with Under Armour’s design for Lewis’ Super Bowl cleats. They represent his successful career with the gold shoe, his accomplishments with the linings and then a few subtle touches special for Lewis. Under Armour created a motivational shoe without going over-the-top and making them obnoxious.

Lewis has been loyal to the Ravens since they first drafted him in 1996. He has only had one Super Bowl championship, but there is a good chance that the Ravens could pull off another Super Bowl win against the San Francisco 49ers tomorrow. Even though the Ravens are considered a 3.5 point underdog, many people are speculating that the they will pull off the upset.

Tomorrow will be emotional for some Ravens fans as we watch Ray Lewis dance onto the field one last time.

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