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Second Graders Correct NFL Players’ Grammatical Errors


Currently, less than 50% of NFL players hold a college degree. Even though many of them don’t graduate from college, they should be able to hold a high school education, right?

Well, it doesn’t exactly seem like it. Professional athletes have some of the worst grammar skills that I’ve ever seen and the NFL is definitely no exception. Actually, the NFL may be the worst of the worst when it comes to grammatical errors on social networking sites such as Twitter.

This week, second graders from Elmwood Franklin School in New York took the opportunity to fix a few grammatical errors from current NFL players. Better yet, the three players that they corrected, surprisingly did graduate from college.

Now, I’m not saying that everyone has perfect grammar on Twitter. But let’s first begin with the photo above, if you have any education of any sort, I feel like you should know “dieing” is not a real word. Chris Culliver graduated from the University of South Carolina, he is now a member of the Super Bowl bound San Francisco 49ers.


My other question is, don’t these players have up-to-date computers and cell phones? Most technology these days has spell check in order to prevent common, or horrific errors. I think every device I own will correct alot to the appropriate version, a lot. Titus D Young Sr graduated from Boise State before being drafted to the Detroit Lions in 2011.


Last, but not least, Wes Welker. This one isn’t nearly as bad as the first two. In fact, this could have honestly just been a quick tweet with a typing error. Welker graduated from Texas Tech and now plays for the New England Patriots.

I know it isn’t right to base their education strictly off of their Twitter status, but if they’re supposed to be “role models” for today’s youth, they may want to brush up on their simple grammatical errors. I’m really glad that someone finally took the initiative to call-out these errors and the fact that it was second graders is simply priceless.