Ram Scores A Hit With "God Made A Farmer" Commercial Featuring Paul Harvey

By Riley Schmitt

The commercials at Super Bowl XLVI were kind of all over the place. A lot of people could not agree on what the best commercials ended up being. However, one of those commercials sticks out in my mind. If you missed it, the Ram commercial with Paul Harvey and his “God Made A Farmer” speech was absolutely mind blowing.


I understand that there will be some people who do not get this ad.  They are not farmers or they have not lived anywhere that sees what farmers do on a daily basis.  Ram was not trying to hit those people.  They were trying to inspire their demographic, which would be farmers.  This commercial may have been long, but it did a lot of good things.

For me, this was my favorite commercial because it hit home.  When you have a parent that is a farmer, you tend to pay more attention to things like this.  There are going to be the people from the cities that do not get it, but that is always expected.  If you know who Paul Harvey is, this makes it even bigger.

If this is not one of the better received ads from the game, I will be shocked.  It may be tailored to a certain demographic, but that should not be held against it.  Farmers are important to the world, so this commercial does a good job of pointing that out.

Plus, getting Harvey back in our lives is not a bad thing.  Been a while since we heard that voice.

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