Kobe Bryant Throws Down All Over the Brooklyn Nets

By Riley Schmitt


Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Kobe Bryant may be getting up there in age, but a lot of people in the NBA know that he still has some energy left in the tank. On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Lakers star decided to show people that he could still throw down as he put down an amazing dunk all over the Brooklyn Nets.


People seem to forget that Kobe once was able to do things like this on a nightly basis. As he has gotten up there in age, his athleticism has declined a bit, but he can still pull moves like this off from time to time. The Lakers sort of need him to do that because the team is getting tested almost every night. The depth is not there and injuries are killing them. They need the old Bryant almost every single night.

You will see this play all over the highlights. When Kobe goes old school on the people, you need to see it over and over again. That is why this play is special. A guy like Bryant used to be one of the best dunkers out there. He certainly is not anymore, but you could fool people with this type of play.

If the Lakers are going to shock people this year and make a run, they are going to need Bryant to be at his best every single night. If he gives them plays like this, it is simply a bonus. Then again, it is extremely fun to watch.

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