Two-Year-Old Sinks Basketball Trick Shots Like a Pro

By Renae Juska
Source: YouTube

Last week, we saw Johnny Manziel team up with Dude Perfect to participate in a trick shot extravaganza. This week, we get another trick shot video that is about ready to go viral. The only “trick” about this one? it’s a little baby making the ridiculous basketball shots.

He didn’t just make one trick shot–he makes them multiple times, in a variety of places and at an assortment of hoop heights. This youngster’s name is Titus. He is currently two years old, but his parents began to tape these trick shots when he only 18 months old.

It looks like we could easily have a future basketball star on our hands here. Clearly, his family is teaching him the sport at a very young age and he currently looks like a natural basketball player.

You could criticize him for his improper form, but give him a break, he’s only two years old! Get this kid some real training, and we could at least see him playing some college ball. If he grows tall enough and can dunk the ball, then you could potentially add him to the Harlem Globetrotters roster.

If basketball teams are currently looking for a new, unique halftime performance, this little boy could be your new man. What type of audience wouldn’t awe at a little baby taking random shots on the court?

Give Titus any size ball, any hoop height and there is a good odd that he will make at least one shot on it.

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