The 50 Hottest Female Olympians

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50 Hottest Female Olympians Ever

Hot Olympic Girls
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Women's participation in the Olympic games finally reached a very fair and respectable state last summer, when every nation that took part fielded a female athlete. There was no longer a sport that didn't include a Women's category, and Women's boxing was for the first time ever introduced.

With the increase in numbers, comes an increase in talent and also, inevitably an increase in good lookers. Having said that, I'm sure this will cause all sorts of discussion. There are several debatable inclusions, especially the first bunch, and positioning will of course come down to a matter of opinion.

Admittedly, there are also some sports that get great exposure from their good looking women. Just look at the attendance and sold out fixtures in London for the beach volleyball.

Hopefully, you will learn from this not only some new exotic names, but also some exotic figures and some handy sporting knowledge that will stand you in good stead for any quizzes and you can show it off to all your friends..

Under each image, I have posted a brief background to their Olympic history, which I know is what you are all here for..

Feel free to rant at me on the comments below if I missed your dream girl off, I haven't studied every sport in Olympic history, sadly. You will notice that there is also few Olympians on here from before the 2000s, that quite simply because they seemed to get more attractive as time went on, although, some I came across from the modern era also looked even worse!

Here are the Top 50, yes FIFTY, Hottest Female Olympians of All Time.

By Stowe Gregory - Follow @stowegregory

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50 - Laura Trott

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Double Olympic champion, having won 2 golds in the Velodrome at her home games in London 2012. Good old Blighty gets us underway!

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49 - Corey Cogdell

Trap shooting
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The American Trap shooter won Bronze at the 2008 Beijing games.

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48 - Jenna Randall

Team GB
Image via Vimeo

The more unknown sport now, Synchronized swimming and Britain's Jenna Randall who has competed at the 2 most recent Olympics.

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47 - Victoria Azarenka

Kirby Lee - US Presswire

Women's Tennis' current World Number 1 won both Gold and Bronze during London 2012, with the gold coming in the mixed doubles.

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46- Hope Solo

USA soccer goalkeeper
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The US Women's Soccer Goalkeeper is a double Olympic champion, having won gold in both 2008 and 2012.

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45 - Julia Mancuso

Image via

Winter Olympics time! The Nevada born Snowboarder won Gold in 2006, and a further 2 golds in 2010.

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44 - Amy Williams

Winter Olympics
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Williams won Britain's only Gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics, in the Skeleton. Skellybobbing.

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43 - Caroline Wozniacki

Presse Sports-USA TODAY Sports

Rory McIlroy's girlfriend represented Denmark at the 2008 and 2012 games.

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42 - Allyson Felix

Felix USA
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The American has 6 Olympic medals to her name, with the latest 3 Golds coming in London after her first came at Athens 2004.

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41 - Gretchen Bleiler

Image via FHM

The American snowboarder won Silver at the 2006 Winter Olympics, but failed to live up to expectation in 2010, only achieving 11th.

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40 - Heather Mitts

Mitts Soccer
Image via Zimbio

Mitts is a triple Olympic Gold medalist, having been a part of the USA Women's Soccer team in 2004, 2008 and 2012.

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39 - Susanna Kallur

Image via Eurosport

Cue the Swedish women stereotype.. Kallur did compete at the 2008 Beijing games, but wasn't very successful, failing to make the final.

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38 - Hannah Teter


Back to the Winter games, and Teter. She won Gold at the 2006 games, and Silver in 2010. What is the point in that hat though.

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37 - Marta Menegatti

Image via

Beach Volleyball was inevitably going to make it into this list at some point. The Italian reached the Quarter finals in 2012.

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36 - Kiira Korpi

Figure Skating
Image via

Back to the Winter wonderland again. Finnish figure skater, Kiira Korpi has competed at the last two Winter Olympics.

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35 - Jennie Finch

Kirby Lee - US Presswire

Finch won Gold at Athens 2004, and Silver in Beijing 2008.

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34 - Alina Kabaeva

Image via

She probably couldn't look more Russian in that picture.. Anyway, Kabaeva is one of the most decorated Gymnasts in the history of the thrilling Rhythmic Gymnastics with 2 Olympic medals.

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33 - Angelica Wallen

Image via

Another Swede, this time from their Handball team from London 2012.

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32 - Jade Jones

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Another London 2012 hero for Great Britain. Jade Jones was an unknown before last year, that was until she won Gold in Taekwondo.

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31 - Darya Klishina

Image via

The Russian made her Olympic debut at the London 2012 games at the young age of just 22.

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30 - Kim Glass

Glass USA
Image via

The American Volleyball player is an Olympic silver medalist thanks to her success in 2008.

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29 - Francesca Piccinini

Image via

Back to Volleyball as we enter the 20s, this time indoors. Piccinini has represented Italy at the past 4 Olympic games.

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28 - Charlotte Craig

Image via

The American never won a medal at the Olympics, but was part of the USA's Taekwondo team in Beijing 2008.

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27 - Nastia Liukin

Image via

Gymnastics turn. The American won a massive 5 gold medals during Beijing 2008, made up of a Gold, 3 Silvers and Bronze.

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26 - Kerri-Anne Payne

Kerry Anne Payne
Image via

Another Brit, this time a Silver medalist at Beijing 2008, during the incredibly impressive 10km open water Marathon.

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25 - Maria Sharapova

Image via

Having won Wimbledon at just 17, Sharapova has an Olympic silver medal in her cabinet since 2012 having made plenty of loud noises along the way - playing tennis that is. Tut tut.

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24 - Ana Ivanovic

Image via FHM

The Serbian Tennis world Number 14 made her Olympic debut at London 2012, falling at the Last 16.

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23 - Fatima Moreira De Melo

De Melo
Image via

There is another Olympian under the name 'Fatima' who will stay far, far away from this list. This Fatima has each type of Medal, with the success improving each games from 2000-08.

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22 - Samantha Harrison

Image via

Field hockey, and New Zealand's 21 year old Samantha Harrison. Made her Olympic debut at London 2012.

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21 - Jaqueline Carvalho

Beach Volleyball
Image via

The Brazilian Beach Volleyball player, is a 2 time Olympic champion, having won Gold in 2008 and 2012.

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20 - Amanda Beard

Swimming USA
Image via FHM

America's 7 time Olympic medalist, Amanda Beard's career spanned from 1996 to 2008. She missed out on the 2012 games. Shame.

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19 - Antonija Misura

Image via

The Croatian represented her country during London 2012 at just 24 in Women's Basketball. Slam dunk.

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18 - Stephanie Rice

Image via FHM

Yet another FHM shoot.. Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice is just 24 yet has 3 Olympic Gold medals, all coming in Beijing 2008.

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17 - Sophie Polkamp

Image via

A Dutch Hockey player, and double Olympic gold medalist in 2008 and 2012

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16 - Natalie Coughlin

16 - Natalie Coughlin

The American Olympic Swimmer has an impressive 12 medals over the past 3 games, with 3 golds.

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15 - Lori 'Lolo' Jones

Jones USA
Image via

LoLo is yet to win an Olympic medal but has represented the USA at the past 2 games. Easily makes it into the top 15.

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14 - Laure Boulleau

French France Soccer
Image via

Another in this list who plays for the PSG Women's Soccer team. Was apart of the French team which played at London 2012.

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13 - Luciana Aymar

Image via

Argentina's field hockey midfielder has 4 medals to her name, since Sydney 2000.

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12 - Alicia Sacramone

Gymnastics USA
Image via

Sacramone is 25 and managed to get her first Olympic medal in 2008, a Bronze. Just misses out on the top 12.

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11 - Anna Kournikova

Image via

Despite having now retired, Kournikova is still more than good enough to get into this list. However, her Olympic success only got as far the first round in 1996.

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10 - Tanith Belbin

Image via Belbin's Wikipedia Page

The American figure skater is the first of this top 10. She has a Silver medal from the 2006 winter Olympics too.

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9 - Victoria Pendleton

Image via FHM

Pendleton is one of the most emotional athletes you are likely to come across, but also one of the most impressive. She's a hero in Britain now, having won 2 golds and a silver. 'Queen Victoria' finished it all off brilliantly at London 2012, as in her final race she won gold. Round of applause please.

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8 - Romy Tarangul

Image via

Tarangul, German, has competed in Judo at both the 2008 Beijing games and the 2012 Playbo... sorry, London games.

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7 - Allison Baver

Speed Skating
Image via

The American Speed Skater achieved Bronze in Vancouver 2010 (Winter Olympics). After much deliberation, Baver gets in the top 10.

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6 - Casey Eastham

Field Hockey
Image via

Another Field Hockey star. This time, Australian Casey Eastham. Eastham made her Olympic debut in Beijing 2008.

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5 - Christina Vukicevic

Vukicevic hot
Image via

Norwegian hurdler Christina Vukicevic made her Olympic debut in 2008. At 26, she doesn't have an Olympic medal to her name, but who cares.

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4 - Leryn Franco

Franco HOT girl
Image via

Paraguay's Javelin Olympian from 2004, 2008 and 2012 is not just an athlete but also, understandably a model.

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3 - Michelle Jenneke

Image via

Ok, I admit it. Jenneke is yet to perform in an Olympic games.. Seniors. She has however competed at the 2010 Youth Olympics. The hurdler, as I am sure you are aware, has become known by most due to her pre-race antics that went viral. The Australian who is 19, will probably be in the Olympics one day. So, yeah..

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2 - Jessica Ennis

Ennis Team GB
Image via Adidas

Quite simply the face of London 2012. The dream came true as Ennis won Gold in the heptathlon in front of the British crowd. Unfortunately, your dream can't, she already has a boyfriend.

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1 - Alex Morgan

alex morgan

Yes. Get your Google images search ready.The upcoming face of not just Women's USA Soccer but also World Soccer. She scored the historic winner vs Canada in the London 2012 Semi-finals, and went onto to win Gold. Having been voted the 3rd best Female Soccer player of 2012 in the FIFA Ballon d'Or the future is bright. Keep your eye on her.

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