Mirza Teletovic Airballs Three Straight Shots


A lot of people with basketball knowledge thought the Brooklyn Nets may have gotten a steal with Mirza Teletovic. The backup from Bosnia isn’t getting a ton of minutes so far, and his performance on Wednesday won’t help him. He ended up airballing three straight shots against the Detroit Pistons.

I am not going to lie, that is one of the worst things that I have seen from a NBA player. Teletovic had good looks at the basket but he simply could not come close. That is the sad thing – these shots are not close to anything. If you are getting paid a lot of money to play basketball, you should be able to hit the basket.

If this is not on the not top 10 of every sports show ever, there is something wrong. That is how bad this is. I still think the guy can develop into a decent backup on a good team, but he is going to have to get some confidence back. Hopefully this was just an aberration and not a showing of how his play is going to go. We will see if the team shows confidence him in the next game, or if they decide that he needs a game or two off.

This is why I love the NBA over any other league. Night in and night out, there are always fun things to watch. It could be a highlight dunk or it could be something as rare as this. Either way, you have to watch every night.

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