35 of the Hottest Women’s Beach Volleyball Players on the Planet

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35 of the Hottest Women's Beach Volleyball Players on the Planet

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Every so often a sport comes along that blesses us with a mixture of undeniable beauty, pure artistry, and cutthroat competition. A sport that is fast paced, highly entertaining, and absolutely serious. This is what we have in the wonderful sport of women’s beach volleyball.

Every year, women from all over the world come together in competition to see who is the best of the best. Paired up in teams of two, these women leave everything they have out on the sand, fighting desperately to be named the best duo ever.

Over the years there have been several couples that have become household names, like the United States tandem of Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treaner, but for the most part, the sport is off the mainstream radar, rarely mentioned on the all access sports channels. For some reason, the networks are dominated by extremely large men in form fitting spandex with seat darkening all of the wrong places. It makes no sense, really, so we here at Rant Sports decided to help give the women of professional beach volleyball the attention they deserve.

The following slideshow features 35 of the hottest stars in women’s beach volleyball today. The list could have been much longer, and there were plenty of women who could have easily been interchanged with the ones that we have featured. This is unavoidable when every single candidate has what it takes to be named among the 35 hottest players in today’s game.

Hopefully you enjoy the list as we have put it together, but if you disagree, have someone you feel we missed, or want to contribute in anyways whatsoever, please feel free to leave your comments in the space below.

Now, let’s hit the “Next” tab and get this slideshow started!

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35. Sophie van Gestel

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34. Sanne Keizer

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33. Rachel Wacholder

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32. Marleen van Iersel

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31. Gabrielle Reece

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30. Talita Rocha

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29. Ilka Semmier

photo courtesy of fvib.org

AS you can see, Germany's Iika Semmmier is pretty excited to have made our list!

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28. Tereza Tobiasova

photo courtesy of fvib.org

Tereza Tobiasova gives her all on the beach and we are happy to give her our 28th position.

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27. Shauna Mullin

photo courtesy of fvib.org

The lesser known of Great Britian's famous duo, Shauna Mullin is one Brit we can seriously dig. Apologies for the horrible pun.

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26. Brooke Hanson

photo courtesy of fvib.org

The first USA player to make our list Brooke Hanson is one of the best the States have to offer!

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25. Angelina Grun

photo courtesy of fvib.org

Our second German on the list, Angelina Grun continually makes her country proud!

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24. Maria Antonelli

photo courtesy of fvib.org

The great country of Brazil makes its first appearance on our list as Maria Antonelli shows her face...sort of.

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23. Katrien Gielen

photo courtesy of fvib.org

The only Belgian to make the top 30, Katrien Gielan is a valiant representative of a country that was sadly overlooked!

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22. Lilliana Fernandez

photo courtesy of fvib.org

One half of Spain's terrific pairing, Lilliana Fernandez could have easily been placed higher on the list, but she is a welcome participant at number 22.

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21. Kristyna Kolocova

photo courtesy of fvib.org

Kristyna Kolocova has proven herself to be one of the brightest stars the Czech Republic has put on the sand.

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20. April Ross

phot courtesy of imageevent.com

The United States are fortunate to have so much talent represent the stars and stripes and April Ross does her country proud.

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19. Katrin Holtwick

phot courtesy of imageevent.com

Sadly, Katrin Holtwick is the last of our German players to make our list, but she is the perfect woman to represent at 19.

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18. Barbara Hansel

photo courtesy of fvib.org

In a surprising turn of events, Barbara Hansel is the only player from down under to make our list. It makes us cherish her appearance even more! (as if we needed any help with that!!)

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17. Zhang Xi

photo courtesy of fvib.org

The Chinese have made a big impact on the sport in the last several years and Zhang Xi is a well respected addition to any type of top talent list!

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16. Jen Kessy

photo courtesy of fvib.org

Another of America's sweethearts, Jen Kessy is everything her country loves in their athletes!

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15. Maria Tsiartsiani

photo courtesy of fvib.org

The first of our Italian friends, Maria Tsiartsiani is a wonderful talent. We also hear she has a great personality!

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14. Mayra Garcia

photo courtesy of fvib.org

Mexico can be satisfied with their silver medalist as Mayra Garcia represents at the number 14 spot on our list.

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13. Zara Dampney

photo courtesy of fvib.org

The other half of Great Brittan's top pairing, Zara Dampney was a photographer favorite at the London Olympics in 2012. We understand why.

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12. Misty May-Treanor

photo courtesy of coedmagazine.com

One half of the United States most famous beach volleyball team, Misty May-Treanor is a major reason for the sport's exposure in the States.

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11. Juliana Felisberta Da Silva

photo courtesy of fvib.org

It seems every country has a team they are most proud of and Juliana Felisberta Da Silva is one half of Brazil's Dynamic Duo

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10. Marta Menegatti

photo courtesy of fvib.org

Italy is well represented once again, as Marta Menegatti starts our countdown of the top ten hottest women in beach volleyball.

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9. Talita Antunes

photo courtesy of photo.net

It is unfortunate that the quality of this Talita Antunes photo is a bit lacking. Still, it is a fantastic shot of one beautiful woman.

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8. Sarah Goller

photo courtesy of fvib.org

As you can see with Sarah Goller, the United States has represented well.

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7. Siri Bjorkesett

phot courtesy of imageevent.com

Sweden offers so many talented players to the sport and there is no doubt they were snubbed on this list, but Siri Bjorkesett is the perfect person to demonstrate all of the beauty and skill her country has to offer.

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6. Giada Benazzi

photo courtesy of fvib.org

Giada Banazzi is simply an Italian wonder. They should have a day of celebration held in her honor. Monthly. We will celebrate her here at number six.

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5. Elsa Baquerizo

photo courtesy of fvib.org

One of the sports most recognizable faces, Elsa Baquerizo makes Spain proud every time she steps on to the sand. We think she is the perfect way to start out our top five!

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4. Larissa Franca

photo courtesy of fvib.org

Along with her partner (#11), Larissa Franca is the star of the Brazilian beach volleyball scene, and she is a perfect fit at number four on our list.

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3. Kerri Walsh

photo courtesy of fvib.org

In what may be the biggest surprise of our list, Kerri Walsh steals a spot in our top three. Under normal circumstances, the second half of America's favorite team may have slipped further down the list, but this picture is one-of-a-kind and deserves to be honored as such.

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2. Maria Clara Salgado

phot courtesy of imageevent.com

Da Salva and Franca may be the most famous duo to come out of Brazil, but Maria Clara Salgado is our favorite by far!

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1. Maria Virginia Zonta

photo courtesy of fvib.org

The one and only Argentinian to make our list was well worth the wait! Maria Virginia Zonta is everything that we look for in a woman. She is smart, strong, lithe, athletic, and much, much more. She is so impressive we feel she takes our top spot without having to put up much of a fight. What do you think?

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35 Hottest Beach Vollyball Players Ever


There you have our 35 hottest beach volleyball players in the world. Hopefully you enjoyed the list and now have something to Rant about. Please feel free to add your thoughts, argue the numbers, or berate us for leaving someone off of the list. Use the comments below or reach out to us on twitter using #RML which stands for Rant My Life.

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