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50 Hottest Female Athletes in Extreme Sports

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50 Sports Hotties


Extreme sports are finally becoming more mainstream, especially as the X Games become more popular. These events are fun to watch and can definitely give you an adrenaline rush. Athletes participating in extreme sports take some of the biggest risks out there.

They fly through the air during winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, and take on huge waves during the summer games. Then you have the skateboarders and dirt bikers, but don’t forget the biggest daredevils, BASE jumpers and skydivers.

These women are some of the most athletic women in the world. Since they are finally getting more recognition for their talent than before, they are also getting more attention for their good-looks and sexy figures.

Many of them are still involved in their sport, but a few of them have had to retire. Extreme sports put a lot of wear and tear on your body, so these females tend to retire earlier than other athletes. You may not be familiar with some of the younger women of action sports, but a few of them are also included on the Female Athletes to Watch for in 2013 list as well.

Many extreme sports aren’t involved in the Olympic games, but feel free to check out the 50 Hottest Female Olympians while you're at it, and you will notice that there are a few sports that double up.

Since athletes in the winter extreme sports tend to be covered up in the cold weather, it’s rare that you get to see what their body truly looks like. Thanks to magazines such as Maxim and FHM, you finally get to see these women in a more seductive manner.

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Megan Abubo (Surfing)

Source: lat34.com

Abubo hails from the surfing state of Hawaii. She has six ASP World Championship Tour victories and is now a huge breast cancer activist for Roxy Surfing.

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Lyn-Z Adams-Hawkins (Skateboarding)

Source: zimbio.com

She may be a California native, but Hawkins spent part of her childhood living in Sayulita, Mexico. Now 21, she has racked up eight X Games medals and is sponsored by numerous companies, including Volcom and Oakley.

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Jamie Anderson (Snowboarding)

Source: ttrworldtour.com

Anderson has had seven X Games medals since 2007 for slopestyle snowboarding among many other tournament wins. She is also sponsored by Billabong and Monster Energy Drinks.

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Anastasia Ashley (Surfing)


Ashley got her big debut on MTV's show, World of Jenks in 2010. She is also a vegetarian and has been featured in PETA advertisements. They also nominated her as "Sexiest Vegetarian Alive," just passing up Pamela Anderson.

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Jackie Perez (CrossFit)

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Clair Bidez (Snowboarding)

Source: si.com

Bidez specializes in halfpipe but doesn't have any major titles. However, she has been featured in modeling shoots for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

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Alana Blanchard (Surfing)


Blanchard has won numerous events as a surfer. She is on the ASP World Tour and is involved in designing Rip Curl bikinis.

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Gretchen Bleiler (Snowboarding)

Source: FHM.com

Last June, Bleiler had a freak accident on a trampoline, leaving her with a shattered right eye socket, broken nose and concussion. She pulled out of the 2013 X Games at the last minute due to the injury. On top of six X Games medals (five of them gold) for superpipe, she also got the silver medal for halfpipe at the 2006 Olympics in Turin.

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Torah Bright (Snowboarding)

Source: John David Mercer- USA Today

Being an Australian native, i'm surprised she isn't a surfer instead of a snowboarder. She got the gold medal for halfpipe at the 2010 Olympics and has four X Games medals.

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Serena Brooke (Surfing)

Source: prweb.com

Two Australians in a row, kind of ironic considering Brooke is a surfer and Bleiler was a snowboarder. She is also involved in multiple charities and foundations. Brooke completed the World Championship Tour twice with the No. 2 ranking.

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Amy Cobb (Surfing)

Source: outofaces.com

In a former interview with Maxim, Cobb said that she liked to surf topless. On top of that, she has also modeled for Playboy.

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Tara Dakides (Snowboarding)

Source: illicitsnowboarding.com

Dakides didn't even begin to snowboard until she was 18. In her younger years, she participated in gymnastics and skateboarding, now she holds multiple titles from the X Games. She has been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, Maxim, FHM and Sports Illustrated.

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Lynsey Dyer (Freestyle Skiing)

Source: enthuzed.com

Don't let the picture fool you, she is actually a skier. She has also won every freestyle skiing competition that she has entered. Now, Dyer is a co-founder for shejumps.org, which encourages women to become more active and involved in sports.

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Laura Enever (Surfing)

Source: dailytelegraph.com

This Australian is currently ranked to be one of the top surfers in the world today. She is known in the surfing world as, "the girl that beats the guys." Enever may only be 20, but she has already made her mark for the sport of surfing.

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Kaitlyn Farrington (Snowboarding)

Source: maxim.com

Farrington had quite the interesting childhood when it comes to snowboarding. She grew up on a ranch in Idaho and had to fund some of her early snowboarding trips by selling her family's cows. She only holds two X Games medals and is definitely a strong competitor.

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Sally Fitzgibbons (Surfing)

Source: bqnt.com

Fitzgibbons is another surfer from Australia on the Surfing Professionals World Tour. She is sponsored by Red Bull and Roxy, among many others. Although she has many titles, she won her first World Title at the young age of 16.

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Dallas Friday (Wakeboarding)

Source: wakeworld.com

Friday won her first World Cup at the age of 15. If you think that's impressive, you'd be interested to hear that she won her first X Games gold medal at the age of 14. She has become an icon for the sport of wakeboarding and has had various tournament wins since 2001.

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Maya Gabeira (Surfing)

Source: hotnessrater.com

In 2009, Gabeira won the ESPY Award for Best Female Action Sports Athlete. In that same year, she set the record for biggest wave ever surfed by a female, a 45-foot wave. She is another athlete sponsored by Billabong and Red Bull.

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Roz Groenewoud (Skiing)

Source: firsttracksonline.com

Groenewoud is expected to be a top competitor at the 2014 Sochi Olympics for the newly added freeskiing event. Last year, she won gold medals in half pipe at the United States X Games and Europe X Games.

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Niki Gudex (Mountain Biking)

Source: sportsnet.com

Gudex competes in both downhill and cross country mountain biking. She recently competed in the 2012 London Olympics, however, did not succeed in winning a medal. On top of her cycling career, she also is highly involved in modeling.

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Liz Hatch (Cycling)


Biking isn't exactly the most popular sport in the world, but Hatch is one of the few cyclists to appear in Maxim. I don't know much about biking but many call her a "wanna-be" cyclist.

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Erica Hosseini (Surfing)

Source: surfertoday.com

Hosseini excels at surfing, modeling and even acting. On top of that, she calls herself a self-professed tech geek. She is currently attempting to become a part of the World Championship Tour and is sponsored by Oakley and Sector Nine Skateboards.

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Dara Howell (Freestyle Skiing)

Source: whatsupmuskoka.com

Howell was the youngest competitor at the 2012 Winter X Games at the young age of 17. She didn't win a medal but competed in slopestyle and superpipe. Howell may be young but will definitely be a threat in future skiing events.

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Lindsey Jacobellis (Snowboarding)

Source: picstopin.com

Jacobellis is one of the best snowboarders out there. She's won seven X Games titles, the silver medal in the 2006 Olympics and three gold medals in the World Championships. On top of snowboarding, she also enjoys Motocross and ATV riding.

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Malia Jones (Surfing)

Source: krush.com

On top of her surfing career, Jones also has been involved in a lot of modeling and acting. She was born in California and lived in Hawaii when she was younger, so surfing came naturally. Jones also designs a line of swimwear for Mambo Graphics sportswear.

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Veronica Kay (Surfing)

Source: fullsizebronco.com

Kay never managed to win a title in the professional circuit but she was very well-known in the sport of surfing. Perhaps it was more for her modeling shoots with numerous magazines, including Sports Fitness and Maxim.

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Kristi Leskinen (Freestyle Skiing)

Source: listal.com

Leskinen is most recently known for her appearance on the hit TV show, Dancing With the Stars. However, she also competed at the X Games for six consecutive years. She only came out with one bronze medal but was definitely a top competitor.

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Roberta Mancino (BASE Jumping)

Source: businessinsider.com

In case you couldn't tell, that is Mancino skydiving, naked. She has completed the "naked" skydive four separate times for modeling photo shoots. That was her claim to fame, however, she has participated in over 7,000 skydives and set numerous world records.

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Maeghan Major (Wakeboarding)

Source: getrealwire.com

Major won her first X Games gold medal at the age of 15 and has had two World Championships. She now owns Trinity Board Shop and runs her own wakeboarding school.

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Julia Mancuso (Alpine Skiing)

Source: juliamancuso.com

Mancuso was the gold medalist in the giant slalom at the 2006 Olympics, and two-time silver medalist in the 2010 Olympics. This is the most Olympic medals by any female alpine skier. On top of that, she has five World Championship medals and seven races in the World Cup Competition.

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Ashleigh McIvor (Freestyle Skiing)

Source: thewhistlenews.com

McIvor got the gold medal in the 2010 Olympics for the freestyle ski cross, and placed second at the Winter X Games. That same year, she was nominated for the ESPY Award, Best Female Athlete of the Year. After suffering an ACL tear and knee injury in 2012, she retired from the sport of skiing.

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Lokelani McMichael (Surfing/Triathlete)

Source: colombia.com

At the age of 18, McMichael entered her first Ironman competition in Hawaii and became the youngest female to ever complete an Ironman competition. After that, she became eligible for a 140.6-mile triathlon. Growing up in Hawaii, her parents owned a surfshop so the sport always came natural to her.

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Silje Norendal (Snowboarding)

Source: complex.com

Norendal was the youngest participant at the 2011 X Games in Europe. She has been competing for 14 years and has sponsorships with Nike, Monster and Oakley.

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Carissa Moore (Surfing)

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Leanne Pelosi (Snowboarding)


Pelosi has competed in six X Games events but has never managed to place in the top three. She is now the manager of MGT all-girl snowboarding camps.

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Lauren Perkins (Skateboarding)

Source: blogspot.com

On top of competing in skateboarding competitions, Perkins also enjoys surfing, motocross and snowboarding so she is an all-around outstanding athlete. She has had numerous titles for various events, including a silver medal in the 2006 X Games.

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Karina Petroni (Surfing)

Source: surfbang.com

Petroni is a 22-year-old surfer and fashion model from the American Canal Zone at the Isthmus of Panama. She began surfing with her brother and father at the age of two and began competing at the young age of nine. To this day, she is the youngest surfer to hold three amateur championship titles, a professional win, Eastern U.S. and National Championship titles.

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Hailey & Sierra Partridge (Surfing)


These identical twin sisters hail from the state of California. Growing up in Santa Cruz, they began surfing on their own at the age of nine. They are both involved in philanthropic organizations, including animal abuse awareness, environmental issues, sustainability & social injustices.

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Danica Patrick (NASCAR)

Source: caraddicts.com

Okay, so NASCAR may not quite be an "extreme sport" but I think Patrick deserves a spot on the list. She has only had one first place win, but easily keeps up with the men on the track and was ranked 11th for the 2012 season.

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Brita Sigourney (Freestyle Skiing)

Source: blogspot.com

In 2012, Sigourney made history by becoming the first woman to stick a 1080. She hasn't gotten her gold medal quite yet but does have a silver and a bronze for the superpipe event.

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Chanelle Sladics (Snowboarding)

Source: krush.com

Within three days of hitting the snow for the first time, Sladics competed in her first competition and placed second in the slopestyle contest. Sladics had skateboarded in the past, so snowboarding clearly came to her pretty easily. She has participated in the X Games seven times but has only come out with a bronze medal once.

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Bruna Schmitz (Surfing)

Source: desktopvibrate.com

Schmitz was another one that began her surfing career early at the age of nine. In 2003, she won the Billiabong Pro Junior title, making her the youngest professional athlete to win an event in Brazil at the age of 12. During her amateur career as a surfer, she racked up a whopping 30 titles. She is now traveling the world as she competes on the ASP Tour.

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Lacy Schnoor (Freestyle Skiing)


Schnoor is a freestyle skier that specializes in ariels. Before she began skiing, Schnoor was a gymnast, so she clearly loves flipping and flying through the air. She participated in the 2010 Olympics but ended up with a disappointing 9th place.

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Hannah Teter (Snowboarding)


On top of her six X Games medals, Teter got gold at the 2006 Olympics in Turin and silver at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. She specializes in the superpipe and the halfpipe and has been nominated for three ESPY awards. Currently, Teter is highly involved in charities and philanthropic organizations.

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Kaya Turski (Freestyle Skiing)

Source: redbull.com

Turski has won three X Games championships for slopestyle skiing. She has been known as the most dominant female in the slopestyle event and constantly dominates the competition with many first place wins. In 2011, she became the first female to complete a switch 1080.

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Elysia Ulrich (Motocross)

Source: motocrossvintage.com

Ulrich is currently in graduate school for her MBA but is competing in as many outdoor competitions as possible. She began racing in 2003 and gained her professional racing license in 2010. Due to financial burdens, she has been unable to compete in a professional event, but is hoping to change that in 2013.

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Jenny Useldinger (Surfing)

Source: blogspot.com

Useldinger was born in Santa Cruz, CA but was raised traveling around the world. She took after her mom, who was a surfer in her younger years. She began competing at the age of 11 with the boys and placed 4th in her first event.

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Jolene Van Vugt (Motocross)

Source: mtv.com

Van Vugt has set multiple Guinness World Records for her home country of Canada. She is also known as the first female to complete a backflip on a full-sized dirt bike. Her most recent involvement with motocross was being featured in the Nitro Circus video series

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Lindsey Vonn (Skiing)


During the Alpine World Championships last week, Vonn was airlifted to a hospital after being involved in a severe crash. She ended up with a torn ACL and MCL in her right knee, and fractured right tibia, causing her season to end early. At the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Vonn received a gold and a bronze medal. On top of that, she has had many World Championship medals.

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Kimiko Zakreski (Snowboarding)

Source: tunc.biz

And last, but not least, Kimiko Zakreski. On top of being a World Championship snowboarder, she is also involved in road biking and wakeboarding. She has been in multiple World Cup Championships and was on the 2010 Canadian Olympic team. Zakreski has 17 medals overall and will potentially be a competitor in the 2014 Winter Olympics.

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