High School Girl Makes Full-Court Shot That Bounces Off the Floor

By Renae Juska
Source: YouTube

You’ve probably seen some crazy, last-second, full-court shots miraculously go into the hoop. However, have you ever seen a long shot go into the hoop off of a bounce?

Yes, I know that this may sound ridiculous and impossible, but it came true during a high school basketball game in Colorado this weekend. This full-court “buzzer beater” was made by a Lewis Palmer High School student named Anna Olson.


Personally, I don’t know if I would have termed this a buzzer beater since it wasn’t in the fourth quarter, and the buzzer didn’t go off right after the bizarre shot. I guess this proves that females somewhat have an advantage in certain cases; most men would have at least hit the backboard.

According to the school, the buzzer didn’t go off after the shot because they didn’t know how to score the bounced shot, so they stopped the clock. You can definitely tell that there was a little confusion between the referees and players.

So how was it ruled? The shot counted. It was actually lucky for Olson that she released the ball a little sooner than she needed to. If the buzzer had gone off before the ball bounced on the floor, then the basket would not have counted.

I’d really like to see Olson attempt this shot again; I don’t think anyone could get that lucky twice. Actually, I’d like to see anyone pull off that shot even once. Unless you are a physics genius with precise bouncing skills, I bet that it could take hundreds of attempts for someone to pull this off.

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