The 30 Hottest Female Athletes We Can Follow on Instagram

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As many are well aware of, social media outlets are taking over the world. It feels like every month there is a new social network that’s the craze (i.e. Snapchat). I am only involved in the two major social networks (Facebook & Twitter), but I might have to rethink that decision and join Instagram as well.

Most of Instagram is pretty worthless, unless you like pictures of stir fry and cats. It’s also more of a girl thing to do than a guy thing. Which is a pretty good reason for a guy to join, I find. What makes Instagram even better is some of these girls are very... umm… creative? Yeah, I’ll go with creative.

Take this list as an Instagram starter’s guide. Here are 30 of the hottest female athletes that we all can follow on Instagram. Some users are a lot more active than others, and some have a lot more “creative” pictures than others, too. However, all thirty of these lovely ladies are definitely easy on the eyes.

My main goal for making this list was to stick completely with athletes, which is why I’m giving Paulina Gretzky her respect on the title slide. After all, she helped make Instagram famous more than any other woman out there. I also made sure all these girls were 18, unlike other Instagram listees on the intrawebz *cough* McKayla Maroney *cough*.

Alas, these are 30 of the hottest Instagram follows from the sporting world. Feel free to include ones I forgot; because as I said, I am not a user quite yet and could have missed a few.

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Jennie Finch


Whenever you think of hot softball players, Jennie Finch is the first one that comes to mind, even if she has retired.

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Victoria Azarenka


As GOB Bluth would say, I've made a huge mistake. That mistake being forgetting the number one ranked tennis player in my hottest tennis player slideshow.

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Angela Rypien


I believe I have put Angela Rypien on more "hot girl" lists than any other lovely lady. Way to go, Angela!

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Paula Creamer


Creamer's biggest achievement is once being ranked the number two golfer in the Women's World Golf Rankings.

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Aly Raisman


Out of all the 2012 Olympic gymnasts, this one is legal.

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Shawn Johnson


I'm going to assume the former Olympic gold medalist wasn't too pleased about the results from this past Super Bowl.

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Tara Lipinski


What makes Tara Lipinski a great follow is that she takes a lot of pictures with her attractive friends. More the merrier!

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Laura Robson


Laura is from Great Britain, and is also the number two ranked tennis player in her native land.

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Gretchen Bleiler


From a very young age, Gretchen knew that snowboarding was her passion. She started snowboarding in 1992, at age 11, and became professional in 1996.

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Anna Rawsom


As a 16 year old, Rawson started her career off as being a model. You can now see her on the links as a professional golfer.

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Allyson Felix


The short sprint specialist won three medals at the 2012 Olympics, including one gold.

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Ronda Rousey


If you don't follow Ronda Rousey, she will find and kill you.

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Miesha Tate


I'm sure this lion isn't too cowardly, seeing as Tate is one of the best female fighters in the world.

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Heather Mitts


Well done, AJ Feeley. Well done.

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Amanda Beard


If you like happy family photos, Amanda Beard is a great follow for you!

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Maria Kanellis


I didn't know it was possible for the Cubs to look this good.

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Lolo Jones


Although she may be one of the most overhyped US Olympians ever, Lolo Jones is still a very entertaining person. I still doubt the whole virgin thing, though.

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Lindsey Vonn


Get well, get well soon. We want you to get well!

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Hannah Teter


Pictures like this is what makes Instagram great. Teter has also posed in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

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Kristi Leskinen


Leskinen was a former Maxim "Top 100" hottie in 2005. The freestyler skiier is apparently an expert pumpkin carver, too.

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Michelle Waterson


Waterson is another one of those hot MMA fighters. What makes Waterson different than the other three ladies on this list, however, is that she's a mommy.

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Gina Carano


Not only is Gina Carano another hottie from the MMA world, but she also was the star in the movie Haywire last year.

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Stephanie Rice


You know when you take pictures that almost get you kicked out of the Olympics, you're a must follow.

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Jessica Ennis


I dare you to try and find a woman with a better stomach than Jessica Ennis'. I double dog dare you!

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Michelle Jenneke


Umm., yeah... I don't know if it's official that Jenneke has Instagram, but who cares with this:

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Anna Semenovich


A woman who has a name and the looks of a Bond girl. This former figure skater (I can't begin to imagine that) is now working as a model - - shocking, right?

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Anastasia Ashley


I would love Anastasia Ashley even more if I didn't have to spell her name out every time I include her on a list. I'm surprised my "a" key still works.

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Alex Morgan


I would say Alex Morgan is as close to being American's sweetheart as a girl could be.

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Nastia Liukin


After the 2008 Summer Olympics, I fell in love with Nastia Liukin so much that I almost bought tickets to a gymnastic competition in Indianapolis. She's also the only reason I even consider buying Subway.

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Alana Blanchard


When I was selecting a picture for Alana, this wasn't my first choice, but my first choice was a little NSFW. For that reason alone, Alana is my number one girl to follow on Instagram.