The 30 Hottest Pictures of Oregon Cheerleaders

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College Football's Ultimate Recruiting Tool


I now know the key to Oregon’s athletic success. It wasn’t Chip Kelly and the up-tempo offense, nor is it Phil Knight spending millions of dollars on facilities. The key to Oregon having one of the best football teams in the country has to be their cheerleaders.

I have argued for years that cheerleading isn’t a sport because it has no effect on the games. However, after researching further, I am convinced the Oregon cheerleaders are difference makers. I mean, if you’re a Washington State cornerback, how do you pay attention to who you are covering with those girls on the sidelines?

Sadly, I had no idea about the history of Oregon cheerleading, so I can’t be the only one clueless about the most prestigious cheerleading program in college athletics today. Yes, I am claiming Oregon is better than USC or any other Pac-12 rival - - they’re that good.

Nevertheless, here are 30 of the hottest pictures of Oregon cheerleaders from the past and present. There is definitely more than 30 pictures out there, but I have to stop somewhere. I wish I knew the name and time period on some of these girls, but they are anonymous. If someone miraculously knows the name of these lovely ladies, then you are one lucky duckling – HA!

Okay, that joke was terrible, but these ladies most certainly are not terrible. I hope you enjoy these 30 hot pictures of Oregon’s amazing cheerleaders.

Go Ducks!

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Strike a Pose!


It's like a Lays commercial. I bet you can't choose just one.

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Shake It Fast


I wonder what Mystikal is up to these days? DANGER!

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The Great Pyramid


Who needs to go see King Tut's tomb when we can see this awesome pyramid?

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Hottest Construction Workers Ever?


Can these ladies fix some potholes, please?

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Say Cheese


Or is it "say Ducks" instead?

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Starting a Love Train?


Let us hope so.

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This beauty is the only solo girl I have on this list. I think she's that stunning.

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How Many Blondes Does It Take...


I really hate those jokes.

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Maybe these ladies could make Mark May tolerable for a minute or two.

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Hello There


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Number 1 Stunnas


There's so much amazingness in this picture.

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Go Ducks!

Sports Illustrated

Seriously, how does this team ever lose with ladies like this cheering them on?

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Abs Alert!


The stomach on the second girl from the right could rival Jessica Ennis' abs.

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I'll Have Some of the Yella


Someone has to know that movie quote.

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Lucky Fella


There is a dude in the back just chilling on a folding chair in this one. I would really like to know what's going on in his mind.

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If only those walls could talk.

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Flying V


Quack, quack!

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Office Space references will never, ever, ever get old.

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To the Left, To the Left


Everything I want is the girl to the left.

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Getting Jiggy With It


I hate myself for this slide title - - absolutely hate myself.

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O My Lord


The only time where a mascot during summertime isn't the hottest thing in the picture.

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Whip My Hair Back and Forth!


You know you had that song stuck in your head at least once.

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Great Googly Moogly


Umm... yeah...

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I can't be the only one that thinks they are giving the "DX" chops.

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Sweet Chin Music


Yes, that is two "DX" references now.

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More the Merrier!


More is definitely better.

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I'm sure they made the team.

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Lucky Duck


I never wanted to be a duck more in my life than I do right now.

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Luckiest Duck


Okay, I lied. I want to be a duck here more than the previous one.

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Heaven on Earth


I'm done. I tap out. I am now a lifelong Oregon fan.

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  • The Reverend

    So far I’ve only seen bare-legged skanks. Hot women wear hose!

    • Kimberlee

      And have respect for themselves, by not showing everything….Go girls give the milk away and than latter on you can ask your self why you have no milk so to speak and no real man wants you….Directed at the duck girls, under you post Reverend because I love the fact that you pointed that out!!

      • DJ

        They’re cheerleaders, not prostitutes. Though you two weirdos sound perfect for eachother.

        • Kimberlee

          Tomato well you get it right, I think they are hookers, but I have class. And I am already married, probably because I have class.

        • Jaamoose

          Well put!

  • R.W. Hastings

    Absolutely hotties! But what is also glaring is the lack of diversity illustrated here. Are there no Black women in Oregon? It does appear that all of these women fit the “cookie cutter” standard of beauty that we see everywhere: generally thin, relatively flat, but “great” from maybe the chest area up and of a particular ethnicity. The pictures don’t lie. But not to take away from their looks…for the most part they’re gorgeous. Face it….not sure I’ve ever seen a truly ‘butt-ugly’ cheerleader…Black, White, Green, Martian, or Venusian…lol!!

    • Kimberlee

      You are a dog who makes me love my real MAN (not a dog like you) all the more….thank you for showing how most your gender is flawed

      • R.W. Hastings

        I’m a dog? That’s funny. Relative to my comment, I stand by it! These photos represent exactly what I said. The ‘standard’ of beauty continues to be of a cookie-cutter model: flat, shapeless, thin (almost skeletal)…but great faces and /or bustlines…and many times, “white”. Now…if you can try to be objective (yeah,,,I know…it’s tough for you…) but if you were able to look at 20 or 30 years of “media darlings”, the representations of women who were presented as “beautiful”, it doesn’t take a moron to see the pattern.
        Besides, I don’t think I criticized anyone in the photos…..they were all gorgeous (for the most part); but body type wise….I bet none of them weigh over 125 lbs.

        So…I don’t understand your comment…seems like you have suffered the common ID 10 T error. Uh…could it be that you are or were once a ‘butt-ugly” cheerleader or that you are of the same bony, flat, body-type that we see in the media these days? And curious…you love your “REAL MAN”….good for you. Even the butt-ugly or the woman who is so thin she can be used as a toothpick deserve love.

    • Guest

      Just because there’s no black girl that means there’s no diversity? I see 1 “white” girl, at least 1 Asian, and I’m not sure about the other two. It’s certainly not 4 blonde white girls. Even if one were black then someone would complain that there’s no Indian, or no Irish, etc. There are only 4 girls in the picture, what do you expect? And by the way, I like black people, so don’t think that has anything to do with it.

      • R.W. Hastings

        Not sure what you saw…but I stand by my comment. Lack of diversity. But…not surprised by your comment since you appear to not be a member of a ‘class’ that is characteristically underrepresented in the mainstream (as evidenced by your ‘I like Black people’ comment).

        • bgolfguy

          I love people who immediately see race or “lack of diversity” in everything. I am guessing you are one of those people just waiting to be offended. Did you ever once stop to think that the women on the squad are simply the best ones that tried out? Of course not, because the first thing you see is color. That is racism at its core.

  • Strangerinastangeland

    The hardhats are for the Arizona game. One of the girls got injured by a thrown can in 2102. Hard to believe but true.

  • Mike Dempsey

    Is that a woodduck or does the duck have wood?

  • Kimberlee

    Because they are sluts throwing up Illuminati signs, Go ducks time to show support for scum

    • TH20

      These look like nice young ladies. You on the other hand are a classless, judgmental, bitter hag that still can’t let high school go.

  • marites

    wow all blondes in Oregon.

  • scrooloos

    Aside from the occasional token Asian, WHERE IS THE FREAKING DIVERSITY?

  • Glenn

    So your claim is that Oregon cheerleaders are the best because they’re attractive? That is why they’re the best? I selected this article because I was interested in knowing what athletic advantages these cheerleaders have over other cheerleaders. But unfortunately, this turned out to be more of a column for perverts than an interesting article.

  • Suzanne Castillo Devlin

    I live in Oregon and it’s a pretty white state. Portland is more diverse but the rest of the state, not so much so I don’t think it’s a racial thing. There just aren’t a lot of blacks living in most of the state. U of Oregon is in Eugene, 100 miles south or Portland.
    I did see a number or Asians and Latinas in the various photos.
    There was a contest on one of the local radio stations in Portland hosted by Rick Emerson about 12 years ago to find a new motto for the state….just for kicks.
    The winner was: We be green, white and wet.
    I laughed out loud because having grown up in S. Cal. I immediately saw the difference when I moved to Oregon years ago of the lack of diversity. People choose to live where they want. It’s not always about racism.
    Perhaps if they gave cheerleading scholarships, there would be more blacks. I don’t know.

  • Emily

    You’re a pig.

  • kc

    white girls dont complain about the cold weather as much as….some others lol