Susquehanna Football Players Allegedly Kicked Off Team for Harlem Shake Video

By Kris Hughes


Image Courtesy – Mashable

Odds are, few of you if any, have heard of tiny Susquehanna College in Pennsylvania– a member of the NCAA Division III classification which is full of academically-oriented schools where kids truly are students first and athletes second.

You have now.

Eleven players from the Susquehanna football team were evidently kicked off of the school football team after filming their own version of the ever-present — and in my opinion ever-annoying — Harlem Shake dance that’s sweeping the Interwebs.

Here it is:

It’s almost impossible for me to see how in the world Susquehanna decided that having a little fun — albeit a little racy fun — was somehow reason enough to kick these guys out of school.

I played Division III sports. I’ve seen first-hand the stress it is to balance a heavy, rigorous academic load and also try and put in all the work necessary to stay competitive on the field, court, or whatever you have chosen. Every now and then something has to give, and you just lash out.

Trust me there are plenty of more negative ways to do so than what these guys have done.

To me, these guys are just blowing off some steam — being 19-year old kids. Give me a break Susquehanna. There have got to be more serious issues on your campus deserving of your attention, and also, plenty of ways you would much rather garner national attention.

Reinstate these 11 players and calm the heck down.

College isn’t all about rules and rigid structure — that’s an element of it — but without play life is just stagnant.

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