Georgia College Player Shoots Worst Free Throw In Recorded History

By Riley Schmitt

Free throws are supposed to be one of the easier parts of basketball. There is no one guarding you, which means the shot should be simple. Unfortunately, we see way too many people struggle with these type of shots. Over the weekend, a member of the women’s team for the Georgia College Bobcats decided to throw her hat into the ring for the worst free throw ever.

Now it does look like she tried to hold up on her shot, but it was too late. The ball traveled about four feet and it didn’t get much higher than that either. It certainly looked horrible but it still might not be the worst free throw that we have ever seen. Remember this terrific attempt by Brian Okam earlier in the season?

While the Georgia College shot attempt didn’t go very far at all, it does look like the ball may have slipped out of her hands. Okam went through his entire sequence and managed to shoot the ball about halfway to the basket. Something tells me that was not part of his vision for that shot attempt.

Since we are on the internet, I believe we need to open this up to debate. Which free throw do you think is worse? Let us know in the comment section below. Personally, I think this new one is worse. Even though it slipped, you should be ready before you attempt a shot. Otherwise, you end up shooting the ball about four feet.

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