Lil Wayne Goes After Miami Heat During Concert; Says He Slept With Chris Bosh's Wife

By Riley Schmitt

Lil Wayne is apparently still mad with the Miami Heat. Remember, the rapper said he was kicked out of a game recently and he is not letting that go. At a concert during All-Star weekend, Weezy said the Heat had banned him from games. He then proceeded to go in on the players.

The language is pretty NSFW so I will give you a recap.  Wayne mentioned the game ban but he actually said he was banned from all NBA events.  Something makes me doubt that but who knows?  He then proceeded to rip into LeBron James.  He followed that up by calling Dwyane Wade “She-Wade.”  He topped all of this off by going after Chris Bosh and he said that he had relations with his wife.

Those are some not nice words there from Weezy.  I guess he is really taking this whole “I got kicked out of a game” thing way too far.  As far as I know, the Heat players have no problem with him but I guess he thinks they should have stood up for him.  That is the one thing that has been bothering me about Lil Wayne.  He always thinks the players should be the ones to overrule the team when it comes to him.

This happened last year with the Oklahoma City Thunder.  His first thought was to get mad at the players for not telling the team to let him in.  The players really have no control on that, but I guess he wants to get more attention.


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