Snowball Fight Breaks Out at College Baseball Game

By Renae Juska
Source: YouTube

Snowfall is pretty typical when it comes to football games, but have you ever seen snow during a college baseball game? Well, now you can say that you have. During the Gardner-Webb vs. Dayton baseball game on Saturday, the teams had to suspend play in the sixth inning due to an excessive amount of snowfall.

But rather than just going to their dugouts and going home for the day, the two teams decided to have a little more fun and partake in a snowball fight on the field. It started out with each team having some fun and resulted in a full-on snowball fight between the two schools.

The plan was to finish the game on Sunday but the field was still a little rough from the snow. They eventually had to cancel the double header all together. Better yet, the game was in a scoreless tie at the time, so neither team could has even a little bit of bragging rights against their opponents.

I guess that this is what you get when you attempt to play a baseball game during February in Boiling Springs, North Carolina. The town normally averages temperatures in the mid-50s during February, but due to the winter storms they got an unexpected surprise on Saturday.

Hey, at least the kids got to have some fun. Not to mention, it seems like the parents watching the game were having quite a bit of enjoyment themselves. It may not be your everyday occurrence but I bet it left some good memories for the players involved.

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