Toronto Raptors Announcers Make Fun Of Wale

By Riley Schmitt

In possibly the strangest NBA story of the night, there appears to be an issue with Wale and the Toronto Raptors. Yes, the rapper Wale was made fun of repeatedly on the Raptors broadcast and it led to some actual issues. First, let’s check out the video.

Those are some not nice things being said about Wale. Calling him a well-known local rapper, is one thing but saying that Drake is better than him? That is just cold. It actually led to Wale approaching the broadcast table to talk to the announcers about what they were saying.

As you can see in the video, it started when Wale was exchanging words with Rudy Gay. After Gay started knocking down some jumpers, he motioned to Wale for him to call him. That is what started this whole thing and the Raptors announcers then went to town. I thought it was fairly funny, but Wale did not. He even expressed himself on Twitter with a tweet towards one of the offending parties.

Yep, we have some issues here. I assume that this will all get settled and we can all share a laugh, but this seems like a bit too much from both parties. The announcers may have crossed some lines by repeatedly hammering Wale and he definitely crossed a line when he approached the broadcasters.

I guess you can just call this another night in the NBA. You never know what is going to happen.

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