Cheerleader Ashlee Arnau Has The Trick Shot Of The Year

By Riley Schmitt

A lot of people give cheerleaders a lot of grief. People say it is not a sport, but that does not mean the people that participate are not athletic. Take Ashlee Arnau for example. She’s a cheerleader at William Carey University and she made the trick shot of the year on Thursday.

I have never seen anything like that.  That takes a ton of talent and a ton of practice.  I bet she had to put hours of work into to pull something like that off.  Being able to make a half court shot is one thing but making one after doing a cartwheel is just incredible.

Trust me, you are going to want to watch this over and over.  It is simply that good.  If this play is not all over highlight shows across the country tonight and tomorrow, there is something seriously wrong with all of us.  That is the best half court shot that I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of them.  You may think I am speaking in hyperbole, but I am not.  It is simply that good.

Arnau is going to be internet famous after this and it will certainly be in a good way.  People are going to want to get an interview with her and this play will be shown on a lot of channels.  Nothing better than getting recognition when you go to a small school.

It is still early in the year, so something can still beat this.  However, you are going to need to break out something awesome to have a better half court shot.

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