Missouri's Mascot Caught in Some Extracurricular Activity

By Renae Juska
Dak Dillon-USA TODAY Sports

Normally when you see pictures and videos of college mascots they’re performing some crazy stunt, getting the crowd rowdy or taking pictures with the fans. But what do college mascots do in their free time?

A lot of mascots tend to be nerds or have an extra flamboyant personality. The University of Missouri mascot, Truman the Tiger, has other extracurricular activities that he likes to participate in, and apparently they aren’t exactly legal.

The rumor is, Truman likes to “relax” all the time. Now that’s just the word on the street but I’m a little shocked that a picture surfaced via Twitter and Reddit this week showing Truman taking a puff on what looks like some illegal paraphernalia. As if the team isn’t struggling enough to fit in with the SEC, this isn’t going to help their reputation by any means.

There’s no determination as to what substance is in the water pipe, it could be illegal marijuana or possibly even a spice that you buy on the street. Either way, they’re both banned in the state of Missouri.

I mean, technically isn’t being the mascot considered an extracurricular activity? Will the real face behind Truman be receiving a suspension from his mascot duties for possession of illegal paraphernalia? Then again, most schools have multiple people that play the role of the mascot.

I really don’t know the answer, but I do know that this picture is priceless for the Missouri Tigers. Not to mention, the rest of the nation got a good laugh as well. However, I can guarantee you that if this was an athlete they’d face some sort of consequence. I mean if the mascots get their own competition, shouldn’t they face the same consequences that an athlete would?

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