15 Awesome Pictures of Derek Jeter’s Girlfriend

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Introducing Miss Hannah Davis

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter has got himself another girlfriend!

The MLB star, aged 38, has fallen for young model Hannah Davis.

Davis, 22, is an up-and-coming American model who I'm sure plenty of you have already heard of. She's starred in Sports Illustrated and modeled for a Ralph Lauren fragrance ad. But let's not bore you too much.

Jeter and Davis are believed to have been dating since the latter periods of 2012, and yet again, it looks like Jeter has punched above his weight in terms of looks. Hannah Davis isn't alien to sports herself, having played tennis since she was eight-years old and even making the Virgin Islands National Volleyball Team.

If you aren't too familiar with Jeter himself, fear not, here's a little low-down: he's a shortstop for the New York Yankees. He's won the World Series five times, and is one of the Yankees' best players of all time as well as one of MLB's all-time stars.

To be honest, most of you are probably aware of Jeter already. He's all over the gossip columns, and his relationships are often discussed left, right and center.

He's had relationships with pop sensation Mariah Carey, former Miss Universe Lara Dutta, singer Joy Enriquez, actress Jordana Brewster, TV presenter Vanessa Minnillo, actresses Jessica Biel and Minka Kelly, and apparently Jessica Alba too.

Anyway, if you've caught your breath after that long list, here are 15 awesome pictures of his new girlfriend, Hannah Davis.

UPDATE: Now there are 30 pictures of her! You're welcome!

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Hannah Davis on Facebook
Hannah Davis on Facebook
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hannah davis
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hannah davis
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hannah davis
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hannah davis
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hannah davis
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hannah davis
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hannah davis
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hannah davis
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hannah davis
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hannah davis
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hannah davis
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hannah davis
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hannah davis
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hannah davis
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hannah davis
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Hannah Davis on Facebook
Hannah Davis on Facebook
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Hannah Davis on Facebook
Hannah Davis on Facebook
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Hannah Davis on Facebook
Hannah Davis on Facebook
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Hannah Davis on Facebook
Hannah Davis on Facebook
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Hannah Davis on Facebook
Hannah Davis on Facebook
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Hannah Davis on Facebook
Hannah Davis on Facebook
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Hannah Davis on Facebook
Hannah Davis on Facebook
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Hannah Davis on Facebook
Hannah Davis on Facebook
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Hannah Davis on Facebook
Hannah Davis on Facebook
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Hannah Davis on Facebook
Hannah Davis on Facebook
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She's a model.

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Hannah Davis on Facebook
Hannah Davis on Facebook
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Ahhh, the beach.

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Home run.

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Hannah Davis on Facebook
Hannah Davis on Facebook

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  • falk.facebook@yahoo.com

    Nice catcher’s mitt. I wonder if he has hit a home run with her

  • Starstruck

    she is no Kathy Ireland

  • Bill D. Cat

    I’m sure this is a union of true love. Totally.

  • NavajoKid

    Awesome?-Not quite.

  • Tim Leonard

    Did the idiot author of this article actually say the Derek Jeter is “overachieving”? Seriously? He’s DEREK JETER!!!

    Derek Jeter does not overachieve.To even write that is just stupid and shows a remarkable lack of reality. Either that or Stowe Gregory (that can’t be a real name) is a sad and bitter Red Sox fan.

  • Arletta Sloan

    She has a pretty face and an okay body, both of which have been enhanced. The enhancements have given her an awkward look, like a 12 year old girl who stuffed her bra.

    I wouldn’t call her above even the average man’s reach, looks-wise. She’s an average looking young lady in really nice makeup.

    What I do not understand is why men like women with spindly limbs. I mean, seriously! Do you know how many of you guys complain about women not being good at various sex acts? Well, the reason why so many are not good at them, is because they require strength and endurance, and you go for spindly-limbed, emotionally insecure women. Oh, and, then, you complain about her acting crazy and demanding too much attention. Errr … duh!

    Real women should really have muscle, unless they have a medical excuse for not doing so. Not necessarily big muscles, but, enough to hold their skin in place and be able to give a proper hug.

    • Farva55

      Thin is in.

      • Arletta Sloan

        Thin can be achieved without liposuction, without creating unbalanced lines to the body.

        • Farva55

          Hater? Yes.

    • Jeff Steinbeck

      You’re right, she’s not the stunning beauty you are, so why should Derek even bother with her, lol.

      • Arletta Sloan

        You people are just getting dumber as I go down the list of comments.

        For one thing, stunning is in the eye of the beholder. She is probably stunning to him. However, she is not to me.

        I am to many people, but, probably, not to you.

        I don’t know why anyone would bother getting upset to the point of insulting me over my comments, though. I wasn’t insulting her looks. Average women are pretty darned wonderful to look at. I just wouldn’t call her looks, or the photos, awesome.

        • motoxdad143

          I hate to pop your bubble Arletta but you are at the total other end of the spectrum. Derek wasn’t looking for fat white trailer trash women when he chose her. If she is so ugly, how did she make it to the top 100 most beautiful women in the world? Josh Corrington below, hit this one right on the head.

          • Starry-Eyed Surprise

            Oh, leave Arletta alone. It’s her opinion. I think the girl is very attractive. No need to insult Arletta because she doesn’t agree. She is right that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but she is, at least in my opinion, undeniably attractive with a great body. She’s not Kate Moss…NOW that’s a body and face I don’t understand being a model.

          • motoxdad143

            I did not insult her – I only stated MY opinion, same as she stated hers. In the eyes of most men (such as those judging a beauty contest – where they can hardly see inside a person’s heart etc.) Kate Moss will rate out as a 9 on a 10 scale and Arletta won’t get past a 4 or 5 on a 10 scale. We are only talking looks here, not how beautiful the person is inside. You believe what you like. And yes Arletta, thin can be achieved without liposuction but how many women do you see that can EVER remove the stretch marks from past reasons, some justified and some, well, they just like the couch and chocolate to much. Facts are facts.

          • Starry-Eyed Surprise

            That’s neither here nor there. You said she was the other end of the spectrum, meaning ugly. Doesn’t matter, either way, you’re right. I don’t think it’s necessary to bring anyone down a peg to make yourself feel better. People are attractive in different ways. And thin can be achieved w/o lipo, so I don’t know who fed her that. All that matters is that Derek finds her attractive. People think I’m crazy because Derek Jeter does nothing for me. He’s not my type, but it doesn’t mean he’s not handsome…just not my type. Everyone has one.

    • Josh Corrington

      All you women are a bunch of fucking basket cases no matter what size.

      • Arletta Sloan

        Nope. Approximately 3 percent of the world’s population is almost or completely sane. The majority of the world is only about 75 percent sane. Women, sadly, rate higher than men. I can’t tell you why this is, but, it is scientific fact.

        Though, that doesn’t mean all women are more sane than all men. All it really means is that there are more men like John Wayne Gacy than there are women like Lucretia Borghese. And, there are people who still believe in her innocence.

        Whatever, though, does that have to do with my opinions on some allegedly awesome photos? Did you not notice that more than one man shares those opinions?

    • JimV

      Shouldn’t undermine your statement with cellulite.

      • Arletta Sloan

        Very mature! Perhaps you failed to notice, but, I am not posting pictures of myself -nor is anyone else to the best of my knowledge- whilst claiming they are awesome.

        Also, for your information, I do not have cellulite. Cellulite is something that generally happens, even to the ultra-thin, who are in ill health and who have poisoned their bodies with too many chemicals (cocaine, sugar, pot, etc.) . That is not me.

        I am fat. And, it is not a sort of fat to be ashamed of, from being out of control, but, it is from things other people have done to me, primarily.

        You are as ill-informed as you are ill-mannered, in other words. Your opinion, therefore, means nothing.

        I did not undermine my statement and either did you. You are incapable of doing so, since that would take wit, rather than vitriol.

        And, if you could, why would you? Obviously, because, you simply want to draw attention to yourself. Why would you want me to pay attention to you? Because, you are another one of those wimpy people who secretly like obese women but are ashamed to admit it and just have fun with them, so you attack them and bully them as a means of getting the only sort of attention from them that your sad little ego can handle. That way, your friends won’t ever know your dirty little secret.

        Well, guess what? Pffft! I am not interested. Fat is something on my body, that, as I progress in health, will, hopefully, mostly, be going back away. I have no interest in men who like to abuse women or who have secret desires to chew the fat.

        Get a life!

        • motoxdad143

          Have you looked at your face in the mirror or your arms or your shoulders? Again, hate to pop your bubble but that is called FAT !

    • Tom Tucker

      Damn Arletta you’re my kinda girl.

  • Arletta Sloan

    PS: When I say she is enhanced, I don’t necessarily mean altering the eye shape, lip shape or breast shape (though any or all of those could have been done); but, definitely, they sucked the fat right out of those thighs.

    Take a look at the picture 7, especially. See the fat on her back? It’s enough to give a slight jiggle. Just as if she were a real woman and not some by-product of too much plastic surgery and photo enhancement. Except, look at her thighs. They do not fit the lines or slightly jiggly nature of her back. Either do her hips or abdomen, so they may have been done as well.

    I’m explaining this to you, so you won’t think it’s just some catty remark. I have nothing for or against the woman, herself; but, I do wish plastic surgeons would think, as they used to, about the total package instead of just the “perfection” of whatever body part they were working on that day. Her legs are way, way too small for her torso and it’s because her torso, at least parts of it, have some natural fat and her legs do not.

    And, no, I am not calling her fat. Her back looks natural for a young woman who is not into getting too much exercise but is in fairly good shape. They should have done it, too, or left something on the other suspect parts, is all.

    • cubs88

      jealousy is strong in you.

      • keithpr


      • JimV

        Got that right, a lengthy insecurity dialog.

      • Arletta Sloan

        Jealousy of what? Insanity is rampant in you!

        I don’t have any interest in looking like her. Nor did I insult her. I just told the truth, as it appears. She’s okay looking. I’ve seen thousands of women who I’d rather look like, if I had to look like someone else.

        However, I enjoy looking like me and it works well in my life, so, I would prefer to just do that.

        Why do you think that all women are so insecure and weak-minded that they can’t stand other women? I have nothing against her as a person. I have much against her as an art project.

  • Vien Huynh

    As a hobbyist, I would like to point out that all those pics have gone thru pp. If u strip her bare of make up and pp, she just ur average next door neighbor.

    • David H

      No, she is not your average next door neighbor.

  • MJ

    Why toss in the Minka Kelly pics?

    • Steven

      Minka Kelly=smokin’

  • civilman

    derek is an african american that is rich, no doubt he choose a white woman over a black woman, happens all the time

    • cirej2000

      Yup, his african-american dad chose a white woman to be the mother of his children…so…oh wait, Derek’s half european-american, too?

      • Allan Engleman

        My friends are mostly from Africa, Some one color, others another color, Egypt and Morrocco, and Zaire, and the White ones, bitch cuz most folks, like the Bank, the Police, any Survey, any OnLine Service, won’t let them answer African-American, cuz even though you’re from Africa, if you’re white, you can’t be African. America is the only Place they got “N-words” and only place with No spic englese, as there aren’t any Spic-words in Mexico, there’s No Kikes in Jerusalem, No Gooks in Asia, just USA has them all. Que oonda Wethoe?…Adante Vas Wetho, Adante? Mi casa, OK?

        • John

          God, what an ignorant retarded axxhole you are.

    • BillMcLemore

      No idiot. He is mixed race.. Two parents of different ethnic backgrounds liek Tiger Woods, like Jo Tsonga, like Blake Griffin. A 100% or at least majority African-american is Iman Shumpert, Spike Lee, Latrell Sprewell, etc. Make intelligent statements bruh !! not idiotic ones. That being said, yes, there are better looking women than this thing. So many fine mixed-race blk/wht american women, dominicans, brazilians, and ricans there and he chose this. He is on the downslope in his career in every sense.

      • Bob Henning

        He Bruh, you appear to be up on the ethnicity of quite a few people, but who the HELL is Jo Tsonga and Iman Shumpert.?

        • BillMcLemore

          Shumpert plays for the Knicks, a very good player off the bench. And Jo Willie Tsonga is a top 10 tennis player for France also of African descent. Yeah, I am up on the ethnicity thing. I don’t discriminate though, I like women black, white, brown. Jeter could do better white,black or brown.

          • HMichaelH

            But he doesn’t ever seem to do Negro women! Given a choice, who would?

          • NottaBigot

            Halle Berry? Rhianna? Of course, you would never get a chance with them. There are some awfully gorgeous and classy Black women in this world… bigot!

          • john adams

            Best part about dating black women is they never bruise. Chris Brown knows what I’m talking about.

          • Shun

            Best part about dating white women is that they like real size dick and not baby size dick on men. Every white women in the world knows what I’m talking about

          • motoxdad143

            You can fix em up to look good but you can’t ever get rid of that smell – kind of like a car that has been pulled out of the river !

          • Orioles_TarHeels_Niners

            not many

          • JimV

            Sounds like you have a fat belly, a few teeth missing, and auto parts strewn around your trailer.

          • Shun

            you sound like your first wife was your sister and your second wife was your daughter. who says negro women anymore is the year 1940 over their.

          • N. Mara Czarnecki

            I agree with you. I don’t get the racist comments here.

          • Lisa Meredith

            And i guess no one will do your ugly trailer park trash ass,
            you meth smoking cracker.

          • Cynthia Ilkhanoff-Medina

            I agree with you…. Jeter can get better. Plus after all the airbrushing on her body, standing there pushing everything she’s got so her butt looks bigger, does’nt help the fact that she still does’nt have a pretty face.

          • John

            What makes Jeter so great that he should do better?

      • JoeD

        Sorry, but in his country if you look black, you are black. Doesn’t matter who your parents were. The man in the White House is proof of that.

        • John

          There always has to be one retarded, ignorant, jealous axxhole that brings up potus.

      • N. Mara Czarnecki

        Who cares what “race” (ethnicity) he and his girlfriend(s) are? If he’s “Class A” anything, he’s a Class-A jerk.

    • Steven

      You aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed, are you?

      • motoxdad143

        He is razor sharp compared to you Steven … wtf you smoking?

    • Shasta1

      Well I understand Rachel Jeantel is single and available. But then some guys just aren’t game for a ton of fun.

    • LJ Blakely

      Why the pictures in the half nude? Jeter wants to let others know what he’s got? Hard to understand that one. Why do these tramps allow themselves to be filmed like this and exposed for the world to see.? So that my 14yr old niece can see this and aspire to be the girlfriend of a famous sportsman? WilLshe have to take classes for this Derrick? BOTH YOU AND YOUR GIRLFRIEND ARE PATHETIC.

      • john adams

        I’m sure as soon as they started dating, Jeter ran out and made sure she got photographed half nude, and none of these happened before. Ugh, jealous much?

      • B A Dragon

        Maybe because that’s her JOB. She’s a model. They pose – frequently wearing less than streetwear.

        • LJ Blakely

          The real question is who released these pictures?. Even the most famous modeling agencies forbid the release of nude and half nude pictures of their models unless they are being used to promote a product or line. Why are they on the news page of my favorite web site?

          • Tim Leonard

            You’re an idiot, clueless and clearly know NOTHING about the modeling industry. So please stop lying.

      • N. Mara Czarnecki

        Thank God that you’re a really-redeemed man and not a “real” man. If anyone has ever called you a “real man”, tell them, “Yeah, that’s what every man from Adam down to Derek Jeter has been like; so I don’t take ‘real man’ as a complimentary name.”

    • At the Barbershop

      what difference does it make?

      • Tom Tucker

        It makes all the difference in the world if you have any self respect. That goes for both sexes.

        • At the Barbershop

          Are you a news anchor in Rhode Island?

    • 6PUNK7


  • Tom

    What man seriously wants a girl or wife that conducts herself like a playboy slut.

    • My Raff sharted n the elevator

      Derp derp

    • anony5

      No one, that is why he is gonna hump and dump this one too.

      • 6PUNK7


        • N. Mara Czarnecki

          God willing.

          • Clint Lechner

            Derek Jeter doesn’t get dumped

          • Ben Dover

            he only gets humped right by A-Rod

          • Susq3

            My goodness u are a bitter little girl or at least if your not a little girl your acting and commenting like one…grow up dear!!

          • espsalita

            Look who’s talking. Out for a little slutshaming? The woman is a professional. Plain and simple. She gets paid to look good because she does and she knows it. Unfortunately for self-empowered women like that, there are always insecure asshats who feel threatened by the fact that looking at her makes their miniscule little wieners hard. You like to call her a slut because it’s easier than admitting to yourself that you will never, ever get to sleep with such a woman and are very, very bitter about that. Boo hoo. Get your head out of your ass.

          • Bowling is Dead

            Why is it God Willing? Women who put themselves in that situation know what is going on. They don’t want to work, they want to travel the world, get expensive stuff etc… all they have to do is give up the ass. You should see them line up at Spring training and triple A ball, prospects etc… Giving up that ass for the money. So don’t be surprised when they get treated like the “playboy girl” . And Tom all men want that. A woman on the streets and a freak in the bed!

          • N. Mara Czarnecki

            I mean, G-d willing that he’ll be dumped.

      • Ben Dover

        slam and jam….

      • John

        What makes you think he’s getting any?

    • JoJo

      A black athlete. O-Jay, Tiger, the list goes on and on…

    • Mandy Pruitt

      Uhhhhh…. EVERY man in the world, dumbshit.

      • Jordan Kent

        not me you stupid cunt, that bitch is skinny and ugly, who wants a bitch with a body fo a 10 year old boy?

        • revrev


        • Tinwoods

          You are so clearly gay if you find this woman in any way unattractive.

          • Jordan Kent

            clearly gay because i don’t like this skinny skeleton bitch? dude she has a body of a young Korean boy, i love women with curves, i’m as far from gay as you can get, speaking of not being gay, can i fuck your mother?

          • Guest

            Jordan is black.. He likes Fat girls… You are insane if you don’t think this woman is attractive and I too like so called curvy women but this woman IS HOT.. athletic… And the way you speak of women is pathetic calling them bitches you bitch…

          • kenzo77

            Yeah, probably 250 lbs. of curves…by the way, how come you know so much about the bodies of young Korean boys?

          • MaryGrace Jones

            Again – this is horribly inappropriate. Why can’t you argue a point without resorting to immature insults?

        • Jeffrey

          Dude, in 2 short months, that woman would have you cutting her toe nails in order to not leave you

        • Tom Tucker

          Jordan Kent likes boys and is possibly really intimidated by women. Look at his picture here in is jail house orange jumpsuit.

          • Jordan Kent

            Dude, learn to read or pay attention, one of the two! I said I like “women” with curves. You’re about as idiotic as that whore mother yours. Which reminds me, ask her if I can pump her full of juice like last time? Or if she says “no” ask her if I can splash it on that ugly mug of hers. Please get back with me on this.

          • Lori

            Jordan ,you sound angry, hateful and dumb as a thumb!
            Your parole will be rescinded any day now, I’m sure
            You ignorant gutter snipe!

          • Mandy Pruitt

            Learn to change your avatar to something that doesn’t show your inmate number.

        • AuldGuy

          Dude, they must make 10 year old boys different in your part of the world…

        • pagostoy .

          Is that prison orange you are wearing? Back to your cell, your computer time is up!

        • 6PUNK7


        • Mandy Pruitt

          Probably not you. From the looks of your pic, you’ve spent a good deal of time in prison. You probably love the ebony horse c*ck.

        • MaryGrace Jones

          Horribly inappropriate.

      • corinne27

        Go ahead Mandy and think “EVERY man” wants “his girl or wife to act like a Playboy slut.” Be sure to act that way yourself and see if you’re happy with the relationships it brings you. Considering your name-calling post, you don’t sound so happy.

        • Mandy Pruitt

          I am happy. You’re just ugly. You just don’t understand what it feels like to be wanted by men is all. Good luck collecting cats! :)

          • Bowling is Dead

            Mandy that is awesome!

      • Tim Leonard

        Mandy Pruitt understands men. She’s probably married. Sigh. :(

      • John

        Your intelligence is amazing?……NOT

    • tcliff1

      Right here!

    • At the Barbershop

      you say slut as if that’s a bad word

      • N. Mara Czarnecki

        It is, and men like you are only helping the feminist cause. Too bad when your wife and/or daughter becomes slutty–no decent woman or redeemed man will be there to help you recover from your own mistake.

        • At the Barbershop

          glad to contribute. don’t understand the hostility tho

    • john adams

      Feel free to reply with what you really think when your wife leaves the room…unless she took your balls with her.

      • Doug Boekhout

        well, finally an honest opinion

    • Abigsoxfan

      Wife, whoever said Jeter ever wants to get married?

    • Impulsive Wisdom

      Conducts herself like a model, makes a really good living off of it…I’d bite.

    • DoctorFeelgoodMD

      In Jeter’s own words, “If she’s old enough to pee, she’s old enough for me”.

      • N. Mara Czarnecki

        If Derek Jeter really spoke those words (as someone on a bodybuilding forum quoted), I found the perfect response to those words (as the response was on the forums): “stay where you are…FBI is on thier [sic.] way….”. No wonder Derek Jeter has had a slew of relationships if what you say is true.

        • Tim Leonard

          99% of the women in the United States want Derek Jeter. He gets the cream of the crop. He hasn’t gotten married so as not to distract him from winning World Series titles with the Yankees. Go complain about George Clooney if you want to gripe about men.

    • N. Mara Czarnecki

      Unfortunately, many men do, though.

    • 6PUNK7


    • Tim Leonard

      I’ll give that a try, assuming she also LOOKS like a Playboy slut. I’ll tough it out. But I’ll need a few dozen condoms….for the first weekend.

    • MaryGrace Jones

      Seriously? She’s a beautiful woman who’s not uncomfortable with her body.

  • starspangled

    He has excellent taste.

  • Budgiecat

    i’ll take her when he’s done with her next week

  • bruce clark

    *@&#^%#$# bitch!

  • blackking48

    If you black women would learn to treat good black men with respect, you’d have someone like Jeter too!!!!! Oh, just for the record, he is bi-racial.

    • N. Mara Czarnecki

      Do you really think that any self-respecting woman, Black or Non Black, would want a chauvinist like Derek Jeter, Black or Non Black?

  • BillMcLemore

    I prefer his past girlfriends over this young chick. She is a 7 or 8 compared to his priors. I’ve seen and even dated better looking chicks than her. C’mon Jeter this is nothing you want to publicize.

  • aertbaertear6t

    ….who cares?

  • aertbaertear6t

    ..aaand I just read the comments. I’m really bored, and wanted to see if people actually care about this. You are all sad. Please commit suicide.

    • John

      Most intelligent response on this thread.

  • Eagle2758

    I’d hit it, more than once.

  • Shari Weston

    Big deal…Musicians are MUCH more popular than sports jocks. Actors and sports players have always tried recording an album an usually to no avail, but WE don’t dream about being great at sports. People are always envious of musicians because we get paid to be on stage for 4 hrs a night, we get paid to party and do what other people can’t wait to do on the week-ends. People come for miles to see us and repeatedly sometimes night after night. And if you’re a female musician in the top leagues, you can get ANYTHING you want…and I do mean ANYTHING! Trade in MY life to be an ugly, sweaty, hairy guy chasing a ball around a field for a few million bucks? NEVER!!! I’ll take my thousands, my 20 yr old college guys, book my band on a Carribean Cruise ship and get PAID to take vacations while we’re (ahem) working…hahaha. Even being a not-so-famous musician STILL beats the hell out of being a famous sports jock. Take it from the horses mouth…the All-Star Pros in the Hula Bowl TOLD US they would give ANYTHING to play an instrument as good as us. They fell in love with us and sent a limo to take us to the game in Hawaii….Well? There ya go! Eat your hearts out suckers…lol

    • Bob Henning

      Hey Shari, It`s your Lie tell it any way you like. It was a pretty good dream but no one here is buying it as anything but a Dream.

    • Farva55

      Can you share the drugs you’re taking? Sounds like a pretty awesome fantasy life.

  • tom

    I love you no sh1t; buy me boobs. Sadly… for every guy that gets tired of poking that familiar hole; there are dozens more who will poke it for you. Meanwhile, the girl laughs all the way to the bank.

  • Bob Henning

    Those are wonderfull pictures. Appears to be a very Classy Gal. Now the question remains who is Derik Jeeter?

  • anony5

    Better from the back

  • Joey Zangari

    Honestly, she’s not that pretty. She’s got her moments, though.

  • Andrew

    who gives a f*ck?!! How is sh*t like this news worthy??

    • Procrastinator54

      It got you here posting more than one comment about it.
      Thats how they make advertising dollars.

  • Andrew Gman

    lame. screw this bitch. so what if shes hot

  • Jeremy

    Hmm that doesn’t look like A Rod

  • sooner1mike

    Pass around BABE!!!!!!!!!

  • JoeD

    Holy who gives a shit.

    • N. Mara Czarnecki

      Unfortunately, much of American culture does. I just didn’t know that Derek Jeter actually had another girlfriend. That’s the only reason why I was reading this article. At least I know of one more person to not give any attention.

  • Common Man

    I see from the comments here that there are a lot, a whole lot of lonely, jealous guys here. You guys could get a pretty girl too if you got out of the basement a bit more often.

    • Procrastinator54

      I bet that’s why they don’t leave the basement.
      Any pretty girls they can get are going to be on the internet.

    • N. Mara Czarnecki

      What they are is not actually lonely and jealous, but wrapped-up-in-themselves chauvinists who are only (to their detriment) helping the feminist cause.

  • rick

    Jeter hits a ball with a stick – then sometimes another grown man hits a ball with a stick and he catches the ball….(what chick wouldn’t be impressed?)

  • rick

    even more skilled than jeter is the tiger – he hits a little ball with a metal stick into a hole in the ground. then follows the ball and hits it into more holes. and for that, they are paid hundreds of millions of dollars and f**k models.

  • delmo4151

    this borders on pornography. shame on them.

    • N. Mara Czarnecki

      I agree, and this is part of why sports figures are increasingly becoming less and less emulatable.

  • Not havin’ it!

    I see hotter women at The Parks at Arlington in DFW.

  • LJ Blakely


    • Procrastinator54

      Look at all of the other posts and see if anyone else feels the need to use all capital letters.
      It really is offensive.
      it seems the dumber the comment, the bigger the text.

  • philstpierre

    not that great ,in fact she looks like different girls in different shots??? well it’s only for a short time until she’s gone ….so many girls,so little time

  • Caroline Reznicek

    What is she doing? Maybe preparing for her vaginal probe ultra sound…?

    • motoxdad143

      Whatever she is doing, she is doing it right – lmao – for sure !!!

    • N. Mara Czarnecki

      She’s surely not respecting herself or even Derek Jeter for that matter–she’s continuing to let him be a chauvinist. Self-respecting women don’t tolerate or encourage chauvinism.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.houston.528 Lisa Houston

    Derek is dating another ho, what else is new?

  • Joseph Abajian

    16 years in age difference, almost two generations apart, don’t think this will last but they will both get what they want from each other, if they didn’t already.

  • signofthetimes2

    lucky man – ill spank that

  • snow_tracks

    main thing is they are not having sex until they’re married. good for jeter to help put American back on the right moral path

    • Procrastinator54

      Yeah and I have a nifty bridge in New York I’d like to sell you.

  • Z_Lauren_Z

    She’s a butta face . . . Minka Kelly is much prettier.

  • Aardvarkprops Props

    I hope she negotiated a lifetime supply of Valtrex

  • http://www.facebook.com/ComicConBooBoo Comic Con Boo Boo

    one more girl to spread around the herpes

  • Jason Seales

    All men want a girlfriend or wife that is able to conduct herself like a playboy slut as long as she is with him. So who cares?

  • Jeff

    Some of these pictures are Minka Kelly. I don’t understand who writes these stupid articles. They write a paragraph and post the first 30 pics returned by google image search? What makes you think we couldn’t do that?

  • Terrielizabeth Miles

    You’ll notice they’re always girlfriends but not a wife whats the matter with Jeter is he gay or what? He just likes to date them for awhile and then he tosses them out.

    • N. Mara Czarnecki

      Jeter’s just a chauvinist.

  • John Hays

    Fallen for another model….fallen for = use as a cumdumpster

  • John Hays

    Also no rich black has ever gone out with a black woman….highly white mixed (as in white with a nice tan) is about as close as they ever get…and the girls gotta be rich and famous to even allow that

  • Jordan Kent

    this bitch has no meat, why the fuck do all these crackers and half crackers like these skinny cunts??? dude go to brazil and you’ll see some meaty bitches, who wants a cunt with a body that is shaped like a 12 year old korean boy??

    • Procrastinator54

      Apparently this site isn’t moderated.
      it seems anyone can come here and show how low their IQ is.

    • motoxdad143

      @Jordan – After looking at your picture, us “crackers” have no desire to go anywhere to find some “meaty bitch” that looks more like a gorilla than she does a woman … If you picked the least attractive picture you could find to go with your utterly offensive language, you sure accomplished that – you must be left over from the “Planet of the Apes”!

  • rich

    derek has no g/f…hes gay.

  • motoxdad143

    Jeter must be a hung sob to be getting all these hot white gals.

  • Ricky

    Fabulous body but dumb as rocks. Derek, all 38 year men want a 22 year old model, FOR THE NIGHT, not as a girlfriend. What do you talk about, the Kardashians latest episode?

  • tararan-tararan



    tom,you take her in a damn minute man!

  • Daniela

    I would love to live in a world where beauty is judged by what is on the inside…not to say she does not have this at all -just feeling middle aged and depressed -so tired of “the beautiful ones” getting all of the special treatment. We all are getting older…it is what is inside that will count

    • Procrastinator54

      Another poignant argument for legalizing prostitution.

  • Billy Kay


  • Impulsive Wisdom

    She isn’t my cup of tea, but not bad looking in the general sense.

  • Clayton Ibarra

    White women are just better. 100 percent better

    • cynicalman

      better than what?…what do you know about white women??

  • Clayton Ibarra

    Model chics Rock Jeter. Forget those looser comments about stupid ignorant people

    • cynicalman

      hey, clayton…did you mean “loser comments”…?…speaking of LOSERS and “stupid ignorant people”….you’re pretty much the poster boy for those…

  • stan

    Just another pretty and very young body for him to dump into. He likes them young and stupid so he can pleasure himself but feel nothing for them.

  • elltee

    just another girl in a long line of girls, hope she does not get too comfortable

  • jasonburnstein

    Dosen’t he have enough trophys already ???

  • Rick Fortin

    I’ll take her!

  • John

    Nothing but another white trash skank.

  • Ben B

    He has herpes. I hope she has fun with that.

  • JoIsaMfro23

    Come On guys You know Jeter will go back with Minka Kelly.

    • N. Mara Czarnecki

      I hope for Minka’s sake that he doesn’t. From what I’m reading here, she seems to have gotten enough class to leave him. No self-respecting women should ever encurage or tolerate chauvinism.

  • MerryChristmasNotHappyHolidays

    She is more like Julia Roberts type of thing. Nice face but definitely not a model.

  • RadicalDesertChick

    This one will be on the Reject Heap before long, too. When the Next Best Thing comes along.

  • Marco

    I always wondered why no one notices just how butt ugly Jeter and Jay-Z and Marc Anthony are. Women are definitely not into them for their looks. I was so thrilled when I saw the “30 Rock” episode called ‘Lee Marvin vs Derek Jeter’ in which they remark how obvious it is that Lee Marvin(rather ugly fella) is so much better looking than Derek Jeter. Hilarious.

  • Bobba_Fett

    Dude she is freaking perfect

  • slidin

    and yet another butter face! everything looks good but her face

    • truthisgood

      Face looks good, too. Sexy, alluring.

    • pekingthom

      Dude, You seriously need some optical upgrades?!

  • Patrick MacTavish

    Looks like a typical bimbo to me.

  • Tom Tucker

    Good looking figure, bad looking face, but so is Jeter’s.

  • Mike E. Cooney

    Just another whore not worth spit. Her parents must be extremely proud to have a slut daughter dating a sub human steroid raging loser.

    • JC

      Dude, hate women much? Your mom was be a raging Beeatch.

    • Don

      It seems to me that Jeter is a man-whore himself.

  • pagostoy .


  • Nick Charles

    ewe,she got hardyz flat bunz.he shurly has poor taiste in women

  • one4All

    The Position of ‘Girl-Friend’ comes with a Corporate Publicist.

  • JC

    I don’t know what they would have in common to talk about, but I guess there not doing much talking.

  • Joe

    Too much botox on the lips.

  • ronald jackson

    I am white 61 when I got back from Vietnam in 1972, I met the most wonderful woman in the world, my wife of 41 years this Nov. She is black. We have three Bamababies and five grandbama babies, It just made me stronger and stronger. Ease up people we are all brothers and sisters.

    • N. Mara Czarnecki

      As I said to another man here, “Thank God that you’re a really-redeemed man and not a “real” man. If anyone has ever called you a “real man”, tell them, “Yeah, that’s what every man from Adam down to Derek Jeter has been like; so I don’t take ‘real man’ as a complimentary name.””

      At least some men here can see that Derek Jeter and his girlfriend are not self-respecting or respectable people.

  • gopersareignorant

    He should date an adult.

  • unclesam328

    Can she cook?

  • Michael Wong

    She’s like a mix between Rosie Huntington & Topanga

  • pekingthom

    Dah-yum,..That’s what I’m talk’n ’bout!!!

  • cjb

    Does she have herpes yet? ‘cuz from what I’ve read about HIM, he’s got it!

  • jb1907

    DJ gets older, the women stay the same age.

  • man tan

    Derek Jeter is not only checking out his new girl friend rear…

  • Jim Flack

    But….. Jeter’s gay….. This is just a ploy to divert those rumors.

  • Daniel the prophet

    I mde love to hot women and homely women. Homely usually wins in the bedroom, kitchen and other rooms in the house.

  • KM

    So funny that some half nude pics can generate so much speculation and commentary. I would say that means POWER! Por Vida women and their curves or hmm.. their boy like bodies!

  • A B Corbett

    Anyone that hasn’t seen better and smarter?

  • LingoMan49

    See you en tea with silicone. He can have her. Yuck!

  • Don

    Whoooo, Derek will be taking years before he gets tired of that..

  • 6PUNK7


    • N. Mara Czarnecki

      Maybe she would. Unfortunately, many women have learned to be affected by charmers.

      • 6PUNK7


        • N. Mara Czarnecki

          I didn’t mean “charmer” in a positive way at all.

  • N. Mara Czarnecki

    After especially reading some of the comments here, I’m surprised that Derek Jeter is dating anybody. Unfortunately, she seems like the perfect girl for him, though–she encourages and tolerates chauvinism, and he’s a chauvinist who hasn’t been able to keep a relationship so far. If nothing else, Derek Jeter and his girlfriend can marry and get two more chauvinistic, self-disrespecting, unrespectable people off of the market and leave more self-respecting and respectable men and women to find each other.

  • Peter J Lausen

    Jeter the peter did those steroids effect his brain. that girls camel toe sure is big, Hey Jeter do you know the difference between your mouth and a party. Everyone is coming in it?

  • disqus_4zE39fi61E

    Girlfriend = no commitment. A skinny woman with no shape…….okay……I see nothing spectacular.

  • beav

    not too hot, but i would still do it….

  • Harold Missamore

    notice that the wise Derek Jeter has girl friends. Not wives. Ergo, he is sane and balanced and has the looks and money for any babe he wants on earth, and last I looked, he isn’t a pastor of some scam church, is he? No. Like DeCaprio, he has Victoria Secret’s empire rolling out the next date list for him via national advertising campaign. Which of course as anyone but a liar would admit is soft porn thrown out to several billion poor bored married guys watching TV. But also a dating service for the filthy rich. As is SI. Around the world, probably.
    Only in America.

  • Debbie Dukat Dueringer

    he must have the IQ of her bra size…then he sends her away with a gift basket……lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/danny.more.75 Danny More

    it should be.. 15 of the Gold Digger looking for gold…

  • Lisa Meredith

    Another notch in the bed post.

  • martin

    He gave Jessica alba Herpes. So this you lady can look forward to having herpes virus in her blood for the rest of her life too.

  • martin

    Jessica Alba – She got it from former boyfriend Derek Jeter according to the rumored story.
    Jessica Biel – She also got it from Jeter.
    Mariah Carey – Another Derek Jeter victim.
    Vanessa Minnillo – Once again…do not spread for Derek Jeter.
    Scarlett Johansson – Derek Jeter …AGAIN
    and of course every guy that has been with those above women and the women that have been with the guys since .
    Look up the Derek Jeter Herpes Tree…….it just keeps growing bigger……

  • Doug Boekhout

    Tom and anony5, both of you have some serious issues. Tom have you used that little brain of yours and do you know who Hannah Davis is? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Do all you men remember the Direct TV ad with the Genie. Yep, she is the one. Slut, where in the hell do you get slut from? You are sick in the head. And anony5, I really cant jump on your case because you are just one of the many jealous women on here. You want so much what she has and no way in hell are you gong to get it, either her looks or body, or Jeter, so you women just skank on something you cant have. Why not wish them luck?

  • Ben Dover

    i knew i knew her but at first all i could remember was the top of her head…….

  • Ben Dover

    while your at it you might wanna write about Kobe Bryants new flame…its Gasol

  • leviano2004 .

    hes also the CELEBRITYY HERPES SPREADER….google it bitches….hes the spreader…brad pitt is also on the herpes list :)

  • Cynthia Ilkhanoff

    I never said he should, i said he definitely could. Just a classy guy. Should be with a classy girl. No matter WHAT ETHNICITY!!!!!!!!!!

  • EdSullivan

    Every picture I want to say; “Damn, girl… EAT something!”